Friday, May 15, 2009

White Flower Farmhouse

On the eastern end of Long Island you have the north fork and the south fork. The south fork is known for The Hamptons. The north fork is known as wine country. Acres and acres of vineyards. Farms where you can pick any fruit or vegetable you can imagine or just buy them at one of the hundreds of farm stands. In between are some of the most beautiful and quaint old farmhouses and antique shops. Or you can go the very end to Montauk and see the Montauk Lighthouse. Every Christmas we take a ride out to the north fork and cut down our own tree. This year, by accident, we came across one of my now favorite antique shops. The White Flower Farmhouse. It's out in one of the cutest little towns called Peconic. Since Christmas I've been dieing to go back and as a Mother's Day treat to myself, I took a ride out with my boys.At Christmas I bought some candles that have now become some of my favorites. I love how simple they just plain old clear glasses. The white "lavender" I bought from their Etsy shop. I love it in my bathroom!

Another one of my favorites is mercury glass. I picked up the beautiful tall one and the little round one second in from the right.

Of course my all time favorite collectible...Ironstone! Last time when I was there I bought a few pieces. When I walk into a shop with ironstone I just know we are on the same page!

And a girl can never have enough flower frogs! What is it about these pointy things, that poke you (and it hurts!) if you are not careful and would probably break a toe if you dropped one, that we love so much?????
As I was downloading my pictures tonight I cracked up when I noticed that my son must have been snapping away as I was looking around. Sneaky boy!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, tomorrow is Mother's Day and I want to wish all you a very happy one! My husband has to work tomorrow and I really don't mind. Mother's Day is always bittersweet for me....I'm proud to be a mom of my three little rugrats but it's also just another reminder of my mom not being here with me.

The above photo is a piece from my moms pink lustre ware collection. I keep it on my dresser. That pin I gave her for Mother's Day one year and the pearls she wore when my parents were married and I wore when I got married.

Last month my Aunt (her sister) came across this silhouette of my mother and sent it to me. I love surprises like that coming in the mail!

In this photo I think she was like, 14! Don't you always find that woman back in the 1950's always looked so mature for their age? I remember her telling me that she had it taken for her boyfriend at the time. It's hard to see but she was wearing a white furry collar and she added a mole to her cheek with her eyeliner pencil...she wanted to look "older" she said.

This picture is of my mom and dad a few years later. I think she is about 16 or 17 here and my dad about 19. I love this picture!
This picture is one of my favorites! It was taken to be used on the placecards for my parents wedding. She said she had the would never know it! I think she looks beautiful!

I had a few gifts to give out tomorrow and wanted something special to put them in. I had some matchboxes left over from a swap a while back and thought I would use them. I have to tell you, these are the first things that I have made in months. Is it weird that when I was going through my wallpaper stash that I missed that smell...that old musty wallpaper smell? So I decided to make more and put them in my shop tonight. I loved the way the came out! Also squeezed in one little journal...

So, tomorrow I will be spending the day with my boys. We are taking a ride out east on the north fork and have lunch with my best friend whose husband is also working. Hopefully I will make it to one of my favorite antique shops and some farm stands. Hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Baaak!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!! I am finally back to blogging again! I've been wanting to post for so long and life has just been so busy that I have hardly even been on the computer that much. I want to thank all of you for your kind comments and emails over the past month! April was busy, busy....We welcomed my brother and sister-in-law's twins on April 9th...Alex and Katherine. Healthy and happy! Little league season (for all three boys) has begun and mine and my youngest son's birthdays were in April. All is good!!!!
So I thought I would share my birthday gift with everyone. Warning: If you are not a cat lover, you may want to skip the rest of this post! Meet Simon....
I've been wanting a new kitty for quite a while now and when my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday this year I said (while cringing) a kitten????!!!! To my surprise he responded with "what kind?" Well I wasn't that surprised...I have to admit, my husband is wonderful. He is a British blue shorthair. Within a few days of me asking my husband found a breeder in Connecticut. He is the sweetest little thing!

Bailey immediately took him under his wing. He is being a great big cat brother. Penelope (my Siamese) on the other hand, has copped a major attitude.

Ever since I was little I have loved cats...all animals really.
We always had cats growing up and I just adore them. I've even given them an old yelloware water bowl to drink out of (in style)....

...and a shabby chic container to hold their food.

Since I am on the subject of cats...I am lovin' Grey Gardens on HBO. So fascinating isn't it!? The history, the house, the era and of course, Little Edie and Big Edie. Now, as much as I love cats, three is my limit....really!