Saturday, July 25, 2009

playing with picnik

I know that by now many of you, if not all of you, already know about the site Picnik. I have been using it for the past year to edit my family photos. For some reason, I never thought to use it on my blog photos. So, what started out as a post about my kitchen, ended up being a post of some of my favorite things and playing with different borders and exposures.

This "HOME" sign is hanging in my kitchen window. It has been there for almost 2 years and I will never get sick of it. I bought it from Etsy but unfortunately, I don't think the seller sells on Etys anymore.

Top of a lampshade in my bedroom....And also my new banner that still needs some tweaking!

Just love these old architectural pieces! Mudroom....Doesn't always look so pretty. Usually backpacks and baseball hats are hanging on this rack.

Thanks for bearing with me while I experiment with these photos...I'm having a lot of fun!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


My god....has it really been 2 months since my last post???? Hmmm...well let me see. Since then we've had field day, field trips, school parties, little league....times three. 4 Th of July BBQ, husband's birthday party, my 12Th wedding anniversary, in-laws came to visit and my oldest son turned 10, which by the way, is just killing me. In the meantime, I've really missed blogging and all my blogging buddies!Every time someone walks in my backyard they have the same reaction to my hydrangeas. For some reason this summer they are out of control. Maybe it was from all the rain we had this spring but they are just extra huge. But I just love it because I constantly have flowers in the house this time of year. I always put them in this iron urn in my living room and let them dry out. They stay perfect until the fall when I will replace them with gourds.On the coffee table in the living room The kitchen sink. At least I have something pretty to look at while washing dishes.And my newest and most favorite purchase. I have a thing for black wicker and when I saw this in Heather's shop, I fell in love. It's so perfect sitting on my kitchen table! I am also thinking about how pretty it will be with a candle in it! Here is some exciting news...I won my first giveaway. It's from Suzanne and this was one I really wanted to win!!!!!

Not only did she send the sweet wicker purse, but tons of fun along with it...vintage wallpaper, ledger, ric rac, an old hankie...lots of fun stuff to play with!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far. I am lovin' it! Not having to rush in the morning or deal with homework after school. Staying up late with the kiddos! Right now I have to go...lots of Target bags sitting on my floor waiting to be unpacked.

Happy Summer everyone!