Friday, January 30, 2009


I think these pictures will speak for themselves! Myself...strep throat and sinus infection. The boys...Viruses. If you were to come in my house right now, I would suggest a gas mask!
To top it off, this is the week, 8 years ago, I lost my mom and it still feels like yesterday. So....To say the least, I am looking forward to a new week!

Friday, January 23, 2009

millinery and a fire

Isn't this rose lovely!!!??? It was on an old hat (obviously) but I never wanted to pull the hat apart in fear that some of these beauties would rip so I just left it alone. But after reading Heathers post the other day, I decided to take out my millinery flowers and play around a bit. I thought her idea about steaming the flowers would work well also for loosening up the glue and get them off the hats easier. I always used a hair dryer and it worked okay but not that great. So I started steaming these roses off the hat they've been on for so long and I have to say, it does work great! But what I wasn't paying attention to, as I was dangling the hat over my kettle, was the part of the hat that was getting awfully close to the flame and suddenly...poof! My hat caught on fire. Thank goodness my kitchen is small because I was able to get it into the sink rather quick. All I managed to get off this $35 hat were some of the above roses...that are now in my shop by the way. They really are pretty though! The rest of these flowers I've added to my shop as well.
On my next post I will share some of my favorites...In the meantime...steam with caution!

***Oh...just one more note...Don't steam your flowers or hats after a fresh good!***

Saturday, January 17, 2009

a swap actually finished on time!

Pinch me! Did I actually finish a swap on time? I have to admit...I was a little worried since we had to make 16 pages for Dede's swap but I did it! I really enjoyed it too! While working on it, all I kept thinking about was making a journal for myself which I am hoping to do within the next few weeks. But here are some pic's of some of my favorite pages!

You can see more here!

I also got some Valentine items listed in my shop today including some more vintage wallpaper stickers...

These mercury glass ornaments I was going to save for next Christmas but they are so pretty and can still be used for Valentines Day...or any day!

These little velvet hearts I just love. I bought some for myself at an antique shop last year and never put them away. When I went back last week she had them again. The woman at the shop said she buys them from a woman in Pennsylvania who makes them. I'm including a little burlap bag if you want to give them as a gift.
That's all for now folks!
Hope you're all enjoying your weekend...It's FREEZING here!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

so much inspiration!

Never in a million years did I think I would be in Somerset Life! Many times I've thought of submitting something but at the last minute would back out due to insecurity. When I received an email from Jenny Doh, back in October, I was in utter shock!!!! I was shocked in general but even more shocked because the ATC's that she asked me about were the last thing I ever thought she would want! And an article!!?? I haven't written anything like this since I was in college. I am not only pleased with the way it came out but I am proud of myself to be a part of a magazine, or anything for that matter, that is associated with such talent! This picture is the original that I posted about the ATC swap I was in. I have to admit, after I took this picture and sent them off, I never gave them much thought. After reading so many blog posts this past year about having your work published, I could only imagine how it must have felt. Now I know and boy, it feels good! Now, is it me or does there seem to be an abundance of inspiration in blogland since the new year began? Everywhere I look...It's just wonderful!
My first swap for 2009 is this one... Dede Warren's Vintage Valentine journal swap. Here is a preview of mine so far...

It's due next week and I'm only about half way done. I'll show more when it's complete.
Also there is Heather's matchbox swap. This is right up my alley!
And look...even more inspiration!

What blogs, swaps, tutorials are inspiring you? I would love to know!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a new year and some new ideas

In my last post I wrote about our trip into the city. What I didn't mention was yet another trip to Tinsel Trading. It's becoming a routine...when we go into the city, before we do anything else, mommy has to hit TT. Thank goodness no one minds! My four men wait patiently, parked outside, while listening to U2 or The Red Hot Chili Peppers and it keeps them happy while I go exploring.I try to never buy anything "new". Whenever I make something I try to keep most of my elements vintage. Very little "new". Aren't these silver leaves neat? And the little hearts...I cant wait to use them on some Valentine's Day projects I have in mind.Speaking of projects...Ever since I left Tinsel Trading that day, my head has been spinning with so many ideas and projects I want to get started on. I love using strands and strands of vintage mercury glass beads on my Christmas tree. I used to be crushed when sometimes and old strand, that was barely hanging on anyway, would break and the beads would roll all over the floor. Now I welcome it. I love using the beads. Unfortunately though, this year, they all stayed in tact. But as I was pulling them off the tree last week I purposely left some out that I thought were ready for a new life.
But I've also been thinking about how lucky we are to have Etsy now! How lucky we are to have these wonderful, creative artists willing to sell their work so we can add it to our work. It's like a chain of creativity. I wanted to share some of the items I have been getting from Etsy that I can't wait to use in my own projects. Ellen, from One Ripe Peach will go down as one of my favorite sellers! She had tons of mercury glass beads throughout Christmas and just look at this yummy paper with flocked polka dots!
And I know that everyone knows Marilyn from MemrieMare. This card of seam binding is just too pretty to use!

And her stars!!!!!! Just look at how they've started to tarnish!!!

These stars just came in the mail yesterday....Like little works of art!

So here is to a new year with lots of new projects and ideas!

Now I am going to make some pea soup!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

Well hello everyone! What a week!!! These slippers haven't left my feet since Christmas and I am loving every minute of it! Every year I say the same thing to myself..."I am going to finish my shopping, baking and wrapping early and just enjoy the holiday!" And every year it's the same thing...I go non-stop until about 5 minutes before everyone gets here on Christmas Eve. It's all worth it, of course, but I just wish there was more time. But I have to admit that I've enjoyed this week after Christmas more than I ever have. We haven't done much of anything except lounge around in our Pj's and enjoy all of the snow we've been having!I've even had the pleasure of listening to the future Jonas Brothers playing on their new guitars!On Tuesday we ventured into the city. I've never been to Times Square for New Years Eve but at least now I can say that I've been on New Years Eve-Eve!It was neat to see them setting up and rehearsing!

The "2009" was in place getting ready for the ball to drop.

So with that, I want to wish all of you, my blog friends and families, a Happy and Healthy 2009!!!!!