Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a new year and some new ideas

In my last post I wrote about our trip into the city. What I didn't mention was yet another trip to Tinsel Trading. It's becoming a routine...when we go into the city, before we do anything else, mommy has to hit TT. Thank goodness no one minds! My four men wait patiently, parked outside, while listening to U2 or The Red Hot Chili Peppers and it keeps them happy while I go exploring.I try to never buy anything "new". Whenever I make something I try to keep most of my elements vintage. Very little "new". Aren't these silver leaves neat? And the little hearts...I cant wait to use them on some Valentine's Day projects I have in mind.Speaking of projects...Ever since I left Tinsel Trading that day, my head has been spinning with so many ideas and projects I want to get started on. I love using strands and strands of vintage mercury glass beads on my Christmas tree. I used to be crushed when sometimes and old strand, that was barely hanging on anyway, would break and the beads would roll all over the floor. Now I welcome it. I love using the beads. Unfortunately though, this year, they all stayed in tact. But as I was pulling them off the tree last week I purposely left some out that I thought were ready for a new life.
But I've also been thinking about how lucky we are to have Etsy now! How lucky we are to have these wonderful, creative artists willing to sell their work so we can add it to our work. It's like a chain of creativity. I wanted to share some of the items I have been getting from Etsy that I can't wait to use in my own projects. Ellen, from One Ripe Peach will go down as one of my favorite sellers! She had tons of mercury glass beads throughout Christmas and just look at this yummy paper with flocked polka dots!
And I know that everyone knows Marilyn from MemrieMare. This card of seam binding is just too pretty to use!

And her stars!!!!!! Just look at how they've started to tarnish!!!

These stars just came in the mail yesterday....Like little works of art!

So here is to a new year with lots of new projects and ideas!

Now I am going to make some pea soup!


Lorrie said...

such pretty things. I would love to visit Tinsel Trading some day.


Attic Charm said...

Well just holler when soup's on, I'll be there in a jiff :)

I got some of that seam binding from Marilyn too - isn't it just yummy, all crinkly and aged? And I love how she scents the tags they come on too.

I'm feeling energized by the new year too - now if I could just manage to add some organization and discipline to the mix I'd be all set.

Happy New Year Jennifer!


Wanda said...

Everything you've shown is just wonderful! Some of the folks on Etsy come up with the most creative and cool ideas.

Emily said...

It's all so pretty! Love the Christmas bead heart!

cindy said...

You always list the coolest Etsies! LOVE that seam binding card...simply gorgeous! I've been a huge fan of her work for quite some time. How lucky you are to get to go to TT...wuold love to go.


Lori said...

i would love to go to tinsel trading too!!! i have some of Marilyn's cards with the lace on them, SO pretty...one of them was in the post with the baby shoes...did ya see it? i hope you found your baby shoes...they are too sweet to be packed away in the attic!!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,

ooh i love htat store. so fabulous.
hope you had a great christmas and a happy new year.


Linda said...

Can't w3ait to see what you create with all those lovelys.
Cheers Linda

Nora Lee said...

Everything is so pretty; I am coming up with projects to use the beads with. Thank you for the links also. I love the bead heart...so cute!

KarenHarveyCox said...

I love the Tinsel Trading Company. Your collection of notions is fabulous. I have always wanted to take a class there.


Vintagebella ~ Andrea said...

I love all the goodies!! I like to keep almost all of my elements vintage too!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Everything is so pretty! And pea soup sounds delicious. I haven't had any for years.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

The silver leaves and the vintage stars are amazing. How fun it would be to visit Tinsel Trading. So many lovely things here...thanks and Happy NEw YEar.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I hear that Tinsel Trading is THE place to go. I hope to get there this year....

Jenny Fowler said...

This post is so pretty! All of your ideas are so great, can't wait to see what you make with your new goodies!

Elyse said...

hi jennifer!

i am one of your swapping partners. i am so glad it lead me to your blog. it is awesome and so are your creations at etsy!

my sister went to TT recently and bought me glass glitter. i hope to go in the spring. do you just go crazy in there? fun!