Saturday, September 26, 2009

Attic Sale Day Two!

Just listed some more items in my shop. Boy, this is like therapy! Some of this stuff is hard to let go of!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Attic Sale!

Well, I've been putting it off and putting it off but today I finally decided to start cleaning out my attic! If you could see what it looks like up there you would be ashamed of me! But I am trying to do what all the professional organizers say....If you haven't used it in a year (or so) get rid of it. Most of the things up there I haven't used in many years and even though I keep telling myself that I will use it one day....I probably won't! So over the next few weeks, if I stick with my plan, I hope to be listing some old china pieces, ironstone, frames, sconces, lampshades, old wire baskets and whatever else I decide to part with.

I just opened a new Etsy shop where I will be selling non-handmade items and only vintage items...from my attic!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Antique Shop

The morning that we were leaving Pennsylvania to head home, we planned on getting a very early start because we had already stayed a day and a half longer than we originally planned. If you have ever been to Lancaster or the towns surrounding it, you know that there are lots of great antique shops. So our plan to leave in the morning had already turned into the afternoon because we kept on making "just one more stop". Finally we had to get a grip and head home. We were driving for about a half an hour when we passed by a road and I had just caught a glimpse of something down that road that caught my eye. I told my husband that I thought we should go back but he was very adamant about not stopping anymore and getting home. I said..."but it looked like a really good one!" To that he turned around and went back!
We were in heaven...

About 90 minutes later we headed home and didn't make anymore stops!

The bad news...I don't remember the name of it or what town it was in. I took a business card but lost it.

The good news...I came home with some really neat stuff!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lancaster, PA

A few weeks ago we took a very last minute mini-vacation to Pennsylvania. We started off at Hershey Park for two days and then headed to Lancaster for the next three days.
Just outside Hershey, is Indian Echo Caverns. Before going into the caverns the boys panned for gold!

There was this lake, I guess you would call it, inside the caverns, where the water was this beautiful green/blue color. The tour guide said it used to be just clear water but for years, tourists threw pennies in the water to make wishes and the copper turned the water this beautiful color.

The rest of my pictures are from around beautiful Lancaster County where it is just a peaceful and serene as it looks!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

...and, they're off...

My three boys started school yesterday and it went very smoothly! This will be the first and only year that the three of them will be in the same school together. Since it was they're first day back I wanted to make a special "back to school" dinner along with some a carrot cake.See that smudge on the top of the cake? Bet you didn't know that cats like carrot cake too!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Brooklyn Bridge

Every time we go into Manhattan, we like to take the boys to either a different attraction, museum or neighborhood. This summer I wanted to take them for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. When we woke up Sunday morning and saw what a beautiful day it was going to be, we knew what we were going to do. My boys love going into the city but Brandon, my youngest, doesn't go anywhere without his pad and markers!!!

We got really lucky and found a parking spot right at the foot of the bridge on the Brooklyn side. The plan was to walk across into Manhattan, walk over to Chinatown for some Chinese food, walk back over the bridge and back into Brooklyn for some ice cream.

The white line divides the walkers and bike riders. Be sure NOT to cross that line...those bike riders are on a mission!!!!

If you walk across without stopping it's about 20 minutes. But of course you will stop to take a bunch of picture and to just look at the amazing scenery. So plan on it being an hour walk.


After dinner in Chinatown our plan changed a bit. We walked over to South Street Seaport, instead, for ice cream.

This man was doing some very unusual things with his body....interesting and very entertaining though!

This man thought he was a statue!

The boys got some very cool tattoos and then went on this bungee jumping thing-a-ma-jig.

Needless to say, we didn't walk back over the bridge....the kids asked if we could take a taxi. Which to them, was one of the best parts of the day!