Wednesday, February 18, 2009

baby shoes

On Saturday we are throwing a baby shower for my brothers wife. They are expecting twins in April...a boy and a girl...what more can you want! This is so special because, well, TWINS, but also because I am really close with my brother. These are his first babies and he is going to be a great dad! I was up in my attic (yes..again!) before and came across a box that my mother had saved our old baby shoes in. I had to share because they just don't make shoes like this any more!
I was so glad to come across these booties. My grandmother made them. Granny used to make these booties all the time....all of the grand kids had them. My brother recently asked if there were anymore left and I told him I didn't know. They were still stuffed with tissue and wrapped up in a little plastic bag so they didn't yellow at all...perfect condition!
I can't wait to give the to him!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

accessorizing the bathroom

Back in November I mentioned we were remodeling our bathroom. It was the original 60's/70's pink. It been done for about 2 months now but I've just started to add the little touches. In other words, to me, the fun stuff. Above, is the shower curtain I purchased from Target. I bought it way before we got started. It wasn't at all what I had wanted and thought It would be fine to hold me over until I found the "perfect" shower curtain. But I have to grew on me. So I think I'll keep it for now!

I am going to admit right now that yes, I am a pack rat, hoarder, ebayaholic, collector of all things. But you would never know it. It's all in my attic. I can go up into my attic and shop around as if I were at an antique shop or tag sale. Sometimes I feel guilty for making a purchase that I know I have absolutely no use the moment that is. But I know that one day, I will indeed need it. So I am happy to say that everything I used in my bathroom, I "purchased" from my attic.

I used to keep my perfume bottle collection in the bathroom. I don't think I will this time so for now, they are in, where else, the attic! But this little Shalimar bottle I recently purchased on Etsy and am in love with it!

I bought this old sampler years and years ago. Actually forgot I even had it. I just love the details in not only the cross stitching but the frame.

Some old milk glass face cream jars.

Light fixture is from Lowes. I don't know how to take a good picture of a light bulb, but I think you get the picture!

The bathroom still isn't complete. When it is, I will be sure to share more pictures with you!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

some valentine pretties

I have so much I've been wanting to post lately but after I thought we were finally done with viruses, strep throats, fevers, etc, etc...I think round two has begun. My youngest had that lovely stomach bug this week and right now I am not feeling to hot myself! But onto Valentines Day and some pretty pictures from..."around the house". I am starting to realize that I use that phrase a lot in my posts!This picture below doesn't show the basket to well but it's an old champagne basket from France. Has lots of neat french stenciling on the inside and out. I made this little heart for myself using some goodies from one of Julie's sweet kits.

I LOVE this milagro so, so much! I was lucky enough to get it from this super talented girlie. The picture does not do it justice! It is so sparkly and yummy...I will never put it away!And last but not least...I received a comment on my last post from Julie. She liked my matchboxes, which by the way, thanks so much for all of your nice comments on them. I have had a few requests asking if I was going to be selling them in my shop. I had so much fun making them, that I think I just might and will let you know when I do. But back to Julie...We decided to have a little swap and this is what she made for me...

...some magnets and this great little journal. Her blog is here...check it out and also check out her Etsy shop. She not only sweet but also so talented! My favorite combination!

Well, time to go. I have some cupcakes that are patiently waiting to be iced and decorated for school parties tomorrow!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Swap #2

Here are my boxes for Heathers matchbox swap. For the most part, I made them the same but embellished them each with a different old earring to personalize them a bit.

Then made each one a name tag with some millinery and ribbon. Hope they like 'em!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Like so many of you out there, I too am a total Pam Garrison wanna-be! When I saw this post I knew I could make this garland immediately because if you have kids, you always have cupcake/muffin cups in the house.

We had a mini blizzard here yesterday, as you can it was a good day to be inside playing, but the lighting wasn't too good!

I think it looks pretty festive! The only thing I did differently was I added on some mercury glass beads at the ends. Now I'm wishing I added them were you knot the string on either side of the time!
Thanks Pam!

Monday, February 2, 2009

vintage floral china

I started collecting china plates hoping to one day do one of those large cluster displays on a wall somewhere. Maybe over my bed or loved the idea of putting them in a bathroom. Well, I just unpacked the boxes they were in from when I moved into this house FIVE years ago!
We recently remodeled our bathroom and I was hoping to find some that would match well in there. Well, I don't think so. They are all just a little to pink for what I had in mind. But aren't they pretty!
These pink dishes were my moms. She had a HUGE lustre ware collection.

I love these old trivets too!

Thanks for letting me share some of my old china with you. Now it's time to pack it all back up again until I can find some wall space somewhere else!