Monday, February 2, 2009

vintage floral china

I started collecting china plates hoping to one day do one of those large cluster displays on a wall somewhere. Maybe over my bed or loved the idea of putting them in a bathroom. Well, I just unpacked the boxes they were in from when I moved into this house FIVE years ago!
We recently remodeled our bathroom and I was hoping to find some that would match well in there. Well, I don't think so. They are all just a little to pink for what I had in mind. But aren't they pretty!
These pink dishes were my moms. She had a HUGE lustre ware collection.

I love these old trivets too!

Thanks for letting me share some of my old china with you. Now it's time to pack it all back up again until I can find some wall space somewhere else!


philben5 said...

thank you for sharing your pics of plates. I often think of the get togethers of days gone by and if plates could talk what they would have to say... O.K.. that may be crazy thinking but they say if wall could talk and my thoughts are "if plates could talk"..

dede warren said...

I say wash those dishes off, put them in the cupboard and use them!! I started gathering floral dishes at the flea market a few years ago, after seeing a photo in one of Rachel Ashwell's books. It was of an opened dishwasher full of dishes... shabby, old, floral dishes loaded up all clean and shiny.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

OHHH don't put it back is way tooo pretty! Those are gorgeous. cherry

Little Pink Studio said...

I think I'd leave them out and use them too! You have some really stunning pieces!
My Mom has a weakness for old floral china and collects it all the time. She collects whole sets though, and has more sets than I can remember. LOL
Cerri xo

Gail said...

I got so excited thinking that because you hadn't put them up yet that you might be selling them! I love those tivets!!!!

Wanda said...

How sad you can't use them right now, but how much fun was it to unpack them and gaze at them and handle them? I'm sure it was like Christmas morning. I know I certainly enjoyed seeing them.

tommiejo said...

Beautiful! I love a pretty plate myself! Feel better.

Jeanne said...

Stack them up on a table at the very least! I hung a plate rack in my dining room to hold some of my favorite plates and also hung many of them on the wall of my studio where I can enjoy them.

Leann said...

Very girlie! I love them!!!

Debbie @ said...

I am nuts over your plates. Wow what a gorgeous table these would set. Wow, love all the pink and all the roses. You have a beautiful collection going there. Thanks for sharing!

Scrappy Jessi said...

oohh these are all fabulous.

Becky said...

What a wonderful collection of beautiful plate. It makes me sad to think they are going to be put away. At least have one tea party on them!
They are beautiful

cindy said...

So pretty! Yep, I have a thing for old china too! Love that 2nd trivet...just gorgeous!


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

they are beautiful! I agree with Dede, use them and ENJOY them!

mrsgaylynn said...

Beautiful collection...Do you want to sell them? hmmm

Jessica said...

What a wonderful collection! Beautiful!

disa said...


Vanessa said...

Your floral china collection is fabulous! I would love to buy some from you if you ever decid to sell. I've been displaying them in my dining room, love the floral motif. Just gorgeous!