Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cape May

I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post. I actually forgot my password while signing into Blogger. Anyway, we had our first mini vacation of the summer. Early Friday morning my dad, myself, kids and my brother and his family drove down to Cape May, New Jersey. Such a quaint little seaside town! The only bummer was that my husband was on a last minute business trip all week and couldn't make it. Saturday we went to Atlantic City. I don't gamble but it was alot of fun anyway. Such excitement all around. The beach, boardwalk and a great little carnival that was on the boardwalk. The weather all weekend was so odd though. Hot and sunny one minute and then rain and hail the next...and then it was sunny again...didn't matter though, we had a lot of fun! I went to a great little antique shop in Cape May. It was small but so many goodies in that little shop, I could have spent hours in there. I found this sweet teeny tiny little baby doll bracelet...will have to make something cute with that! I also got my mitts on a big box of old greeting cards for $10. I'm usually pretty picky with vintage cards because I have to LOVE the graphics. Most of these are great with great details! These baby cards have such pretty netting on them!

Some had great roses with glitter on them and they are in perfect condition too! I'm tempted to cut some of them and make new cards out of them but before I do, I am going to make some color copies.
I love, love, love collecting old buckles. These I had but while in NJ I found the tiniest two buckles...I don't even know if this picture really shows just how tiny they are but believe me...teeny, like the size of my pinky nail teeny!
This little doll has nothing to do with anything except that it was mine when I was little. It was still at my parents house and I just took her home with me the other day. Isn't she a cutie?!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Random Pretty Things

Right now, I really have no business being on this computer! Lately, life is flying by and I hate that! I can and cannot wait for school to be over. I always find that during the last few weeks of school, they seem to cram everything in...field trips, school parties, "special friends day", etc, etc. In between all of this I am trying to squeeze as much (non-kid things) in as possible!
My youngest graduated from pre-school last Friday. On Wednesday, as I picked him up and was walking to the car, it hit me! I started crying like a baby! All I kept thinking was that this is the last time that I will ever be picking one of my boys up from pre-school. In September they are all gone...all day. It's going to be a big adjustment for me.
But anyway, I've had some of these pretty pictures in my camera and thought that while you listen to me whine, I can at least leave you with some pretty pictures!

I found these great old spools at an antique shop the other day (one of the "non-kid" things I was doing). That afternoon I received a package with some things I ordered from Andrea. These absolutely gorgeous ribbons were part of my order. So I put the old spools to use! But I cannot wait to use these beautiful ruffled ribbons on some projects I have in mind.

That's all folks!

I am going to New Jersey tomorrow to visit my cousin. I can't wait! He's a great cook and is so much fun to be around. My aunt is also coming for the visit which is an extra treat for me. I am going to do some baking now and am trying a new recipe...wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This week Sara's challenge is "green". Who doesn't love green!!???

Oh my god...I think you can actually see the dust on these two tables...

One of my favorite important!

This old sign actually says "fleamarket"

A few years ago I was antiquing with my aunt and found this little old block. I was so excited because I thought it said Mom. I showed it to my aunt and she pointed out to me that it was an upper and lower case "M". But we both agreed "who cares, it looks like mom to me!"

yeah, yeah...I snuck in a wedding photo... but it is in green frame!

My little guy had his cast taken off yesterday and his pins removed. I have a new found respect for people with casts. I took the boys to a fair on Saturday and didn't know that you can't go on the rides with a cast on. Poor kid! But I have to say that he never complained about it once...not once. My husband and I were so impressed. He has to go for therapy two times a week for the next few weeks but I'm just happy it's off since it's been 95 degrees here! But just FYI...If your kid ever gets a cast removed...hold your nose!

I'm not staying on today...My youngest son's last day of pre-k is today (he graduates on Friday) so those 2 1/2 hours are basically my last moments of freedom until September. I'm getting a much needed pedicure!

Have a nice day!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mini Journals

It's funny how since I've started blogging there are so many more projects I have tried that I never would have before. Obviously we are surrounded by so much talent and inspiration and even though I may love something, sometimes I just think, "oh no, that's not really me." Sometimes I'm even a bit intimidated. Mostly because there is so much beautiful work out there I don't even think I can come close to. But when I finally do try, I know exactly what will happen...I become addicted!!! And then I have a problem!

I have never really had much of an interest in journals. I have store bought ones but never had the desire to make my own. And then I started seeing some really beautiful ones through some swaps, Etsy, etc. But lately I don't know what's come over me. Not only do I keep buying them but I keep making them!
For some reason I'm lovin' these mini notebooks right now. Maybe because they are smaller and easier to start with. Last night I had so much fun making them and now have them listed in my store. I still have a few more to finish and then I am on to some larger ones. Guess what the teachers are getting as gifts this year? So see, like anything, you'll never know unless you try!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Seeing "red"

I'm sure most of you already know about Sara's red challenge. She is such a talented photographer and really knows how to capture light, texture and the right angles. My husband is a photographer and I have an awesome camera but unfortunately don't even know what it's really capable of. Hopefully this summer will give me more time to take advantage of hubby's teachings, lenses and filters. For now, this is what I came up with.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So far, Sunday was the most beautiful day we've had so far. Is spring finally coming? In the early morning was my youngest son's last soccer game...
Later that morning was my oldest son's first All-Star game. Being HUGE baseball fans we were very proud that he was chosen to play! That is my nephew to the left of my son (looking at the camera). We are very fortunate that they get to play together. They are six weeks apart and are best friends!After the games ended of course we wanted to come home and barbecue. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I love to cook!!!! I am a firm believer in home cooked meals and sitting down at the table together. Because of that, my kids will eat just about anything I make because they have never known different. When they get a little older I would love to take a cooking class and experiment more. These days I always seem to be rushing because of after school activities, practices and games. But I wanted to share a few yummy secrets that I use. I'm not talking gourmet cooking here but just some tips that when I have company over they always ask "what did I use in that?"These salt and pepper mixes I use in just about everything. They have other spices blended in so it's kind of an all in one thing. There is something about this pepper that
I love in my food. You can use a decent amount and it's never to spicy or peppery. The salt (not too much) is great on corn on the cob also! Whenever there is a holiday or occasion in my family, I'm in charge of the mashed potatoes. I use the usual milk and butter but also add a little of this salad dressing seasoning. Also great on grilled vegetables! Another great addition to mashed potatoes is some stuffing mix. Might sound strange but try me!
Sometimes I might also add French's onions to the potatoes or even crush some and just sprinkle them on top. But I also love to use them in salads!
Salads are one of my favorite foods! I love to put just about anything in a salad for extra flavor and texture and these onions are just perfect for that. My best friend and her husband own an Italian restaurant and they just started using them in their salads.
Those are some of my cooking tips for now. If you try them, let me know what you think!