Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mini Journals

It's funny how since I've started blogging there are so many more projects I have tried that I never would have before. Obviously we are surrounded by so much talent and inspiration and even though I may love something, sometimes I just think, "oh no, that's not really me." Sometimes I'm even a bit intimidated. Mostly because there is so much beautiful work out there I don't even think I can come close to. But when I finally do try, I know exactly what will happen...I become addicted!!! And then I have a problem!

I have never really had much of an interest in journals. I have store bought ones but never had the desire to make my own. And then I started seeing some really beautiful ones through some swaps, Etsy, etc. But lately I don't know what's come over me. Not only do I keep buying them but I keep making them!
For some reason I'm lovin' these mini notebooks right now. Maybe because they are smaller and easier to start with. Last night I had so much fun making them and now have them listed in my store. I still have a few more to finish and then I am on to some larger ones. Guess what the teachers are getting as gifts this year? So see, like anything, you'll never know unless you try!


Magnolia Street Style said...

I know what you mean about new challenges. Since I started blogging I have taken chances that I may not have otherwise. It's such a wonderful support system. Your journals are adorable.

what's in a name? said...

your blog is my new favorite! i have actually have had you in my google reader for a few months, but something lately has hit a cord with me lately - just love it!

Dona said...

What a wonderful idea. I think the teachers will go crazy over them.


Heather said...

These are absolutely gorgeous, so pretty and feminine!

heidi said...

those are darling - love how you made the button and ribbon closure, very nice touch! wish i had thought of it, lol! xo heidi

cindy said...

I like em. So cute. And see? It's easy to get an obssession isn't it? LOL. They are gorgeous!