Friday, June 20, 2008

Random Pretty Things

Right now, I really have no business being on this computer! Lately, life is flying by and I hate that! I can and cannot wait for school to be over. I always find that during the last few weeks of school, they seem to cram everything in...field trips, school parties, "special friends day", etc, etc. In between all of this I am trying to squeeze as much (non-kid things) in as possible!
My youngest graduated from pre-school last Friday. On Wednesday, as I picked him up and was walking to the car, it hit me! I started crying like a baby! All I kept thinking was that this is the last time that I will ever be picking one of my boys up from pre-school. In September they are all gone...all day. It's going to be a big adjustment for me.
But anyway, I've had some of these pretty pictures in my camera and thought that while you listen to me whine, I can at least leave you with some pretty pictures!

I found these great old spools at an antique shop the other day (one of the "non-kid" things I was doing). That afternoon I received a package with some things I ordered from Andrea. These absolutely gorgeous ribbons were part of my order. So I put the old spools to use! But I cannot wait to use these beautiful ruffled ribbons on some projects I have in mind.

That's all folks!

I am going to New Jersey tomorrow to visit my cousin. I can't wait! He's a great cook and is so much fun to be around. My aunt is also coming for the visit which is an extra treat for me. I am going to do some baking now and am trying a new recipe...wish me luck!


Joy said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous pics Jennifer! Have a wonderful weekend!


Sarah said...

Look on the bright side of will be nice and quiet until 3 pm. But sad I know. I'm sad knowing my little girl is away from me most of the day, too, going into kindergarten this fall. Can't even think about it!
Oh My! Love these photos you took. You NEED to put the one of the pink roses in your sidebar FOR SURE!
Vintage Lily

Monica said...

hey girly! finally logged into reader since getting over here to japan and of course had to come here 1st!
love all your pretties :)
especially the bling! I cant believe your kiddos are still in school! Feels like mine has been out forever!!

Nancy Hood said...

Feeling frustrated over a move that seems to be dragging its feet!!! arggh it was so nice to pop in and see your beautiful snapshots. Thanks for uplifting me :)

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

I am so glad I found your blog!! What a beautiful post. Great pictures! I really enjoyed your blog. ~ xo ~ Joy

cindy said...

Awwwwww honey. I'm sorry bout that. They do *sigh* grow up. My niece is 18 now. We were laughing last week about how silly she was when she was little. Gorgeous pics. Love that heart charm. And hey, that is cool about your Aunts Christmas goodies in the mag.


Miss Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing all your pretty pictures and plans.