Friday, January 23, 2009

millinery and a fire

Isn't this rose lovely!!!??? It was on an old hat (obviously) but I never wanted to pull the hat apart in fear that some of these beauties would rip so I just left it alone. But after reading Heathers post the other day, I decided to take out my millinery flowers and play around a bit. I thought her idea about steaming the flowers would work well also for loosening up the glue and get them off the hats easier. I always used a hair dryer and it worked okay but not that great. So I started steaming these roses off the hat they've been on for so long and I have to say, it does work great! But what I wasn't paying attention to, as I was dangling the hat over my kettle, was the part of the hat that was getting awfully close to the flame and suddenly...poof! My hat caught on fire. Thank goodness my kitchen is small because I was able to get it into the sink rather quick. All I managed to get off this $35 hat were some of the above roses...that are now in my shop by the way. They really are pretty though! The rest of these flowers I've added to my shop as well.
On my next post I will share some of my favorites...In the meantime...steam with caution!

***Oh...just one more note...Don't steam your flowers or hats after a fresh good!***


Monica said...

OMG glad you are ok !
Thats a story I am sure you wont forget!!!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

OH my goodness... well I am glad you are ok and avoided a FIRE in your kitchen! I should have put a disclaimer in my post about the steaming... hehe.

Glad you salvaged some of your pretty flowers... ;))

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

Oh Lord- imagine explainging THAT to the fire department! These flowers are very pretty!

dede warren said...

How were you steaming these with a flame? I always do it over a pot of water, as the steam source, there is never a chance of a fire that way. It also fluffs the flowers as well, they come out like new all perked up!

Elyse said...

phew! all's well that ends well? the photos did come out great.

Attic Charm said...

LOL...I've gotten steam burns on my fingers before doing this (I learned the hard way it's best to hold the flowers with tongs), but you take the cake with your fire girlie :). Gorgeous flowers!

Linda Crispell said...

Such beautiful photos!

cindy said...

LOL...I'm so glad you are ok...yeah, would hate to explain that one to the fireman...LOL. I usually just rip em off...will have to try it with steam....they are pretty.


Linda said...

Oh wow such beautiful flowers, glad to hear that you are ok except for your manicure.
Cheers Linda

Anonymous said...

How funny!
We must be related somehow!
Is your maiden name 'Dufus' too?!
Suz in the Tules

Charity Grace said...

What pretty flowers! I am constantly taking part of one thing to create something new. Emebellishments are especially nice for this.