Thursday, January 7, 2010

a new year a new project

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! We did but what I think I loved most about it was just being home! Although we did some things, I loved not having to have to go obligations. No homework, no bedtimes, no baseball or basketball practices. Don't get me wrong...during the summer break after about a month I want to rip my hair out, but we could all use a week off once in a while! I also thought a lot about the new year and some changes. Changes that I will choose to make and some that I won't have a choice but to make! I also thought about whether or not I was going to keep this blog going. I love the idea of it but just never seem to have the time or anything all that interesting to blog about. Same with my etsy shop and just creating in general...where does it all fit in??? My head is always spinning with new ideas and inspiration and it bothers me that I don't act on it the way I should or want to. But what I've decided is that for now, I am going to just go with my gut and go with the flow and not worry about it and hopefully things will fall into place, and usually they do! So onto my first little project of 2010! After the holidays all the urns and planters in my house are empty! In the spring and summer they usually have hydrangeas or cut flowers in them. In the Fall, mums or gourds. During the holidays, cut greens, snowballs or pine cones. Then after all the decorations are put away and winter is officially here, everything is so plain again.
In my little dining area I have probably the biggest bay window you've ever seen...a little too big. But it lets in lots of great light and I have a big backyard that I love looking out into it. I remember the first morning I woke up in this house. I walked down the hallway and when I walked into this room and saw all the sunlight and the green backyard it made me feel so happy and content and I'll never forget that! I have this black urn that I usually find some plant to put in but it needs something big. Something to fill this space in. I thought about going into the backyard, grabbing some branches and see how it goes. People do it all the time right!?
So I did just that...picked branches up out of the snow and found some moss that I already had and got to work.

Ta-da! What do you think? Be honest! I added two sprigs with little white flowers that I got from Michael's but that was it. I will probably keep adding more as time goes on. Once the snow melts you never know what I might find but I am happy with it for now!

And you know who really loves it?....