Monday, November 3, 2008


Hope you all had a fun Halloween! We sure did! Although my boys have been drinking more medication than candy! I guess it's that time of year when colds, ear infections and asthma attacks begin...even had to make a trip to the emergency room last week. But I think that we now have things under control (I'm knocking on wood right now!).The Hulk wouldn't take his costume off all weekend...even slept in it!
We are very lucky to have a witch in our neighborhood! This wonderful woman gets on her roof every year and sprays the kiddos with silly string and throws candy and some other goodies down for them. So great!
A few weeks ago, my boys asked why I don't decorate for Halloween. I said, "Of course I do!" and my oldest responded, "you just decorate with a bunch of leaves a pumpkins...we mean scary decorations." So we all agreed to put a graveyard on the front lawn. I don't think I've ever seen them so happy...I mean really happy! I think my problem, even after all these years, is that I have to stop thinking like a girl and start thinking more like a boy!


Sarah said...

I've started getting some ideas in my head for some fun christmas things!
Vintage Lily

Attic Charm said...

Wow that witch lady is so awesome. Hmmm, if our roof wasn't at such a steep pitch I might consider doing that myself sometime, wouldn't it be a blast?

I know what you mean about having to think like a boy...I was able to resist the gory deco while the kids were younger under the guise of keeping things non-scary for them, but now our son delights in this ugly thing we put out called 'Marcus the Carcass' lol. Your graveyard looks great though - did you play spooky music too?

Laura xxx

Monica said...

Yes mom they are boys indeed!
Austin loves skeletons and such . How cool is that witch lady!
the kids must love her .

cindy said...

Spoooky! : D

Love the yard, and your little ones look so cute! And wow, that gal gets on her roof? Bless her..she's braver than me (that don't like heights!) : D


Dee Dee said...

Everything looks so fun. :) That witch is great.

jenny holiday said...

HAHA!! Ohhh boy!! The kiddos look GREAT! These pics are gonna be sooo fun to look back at! :)

And wowww...your neighborhood witch RULES!! How FUNNNN!!! LOL

I LOOOVE what the boys had to say about your Halloween decor...hahaa..My brothers said the same thing to my mom growing up!! haha!!!

What a COOL mom you are!! I bet they had an amazing time!!

Happy Fall!!

xoxo Jenny