Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's another collection?????

Every once in a while I like to post about something I like to collect...Today it's vintage transferware. The only difference is that this is a new collection and I only have a few pieces. But with even just a few pieces, I think that for the Fall, it's just enough to blend in beautifully with my ironstone!

This tureen I just adopted this weekend at a little antique show. $16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!!!!

What I am loving about this platter is that there is a little lip around that rectangle in the middle. It probably had a cover once but I think it will be perfect for some hors d'ouvres on Thanksgiving!

Aren't butter pats sweet!?

Even going pee-pee must have been pleasant in this chamber pot! (Hmmmm...Now I am just realizing that someone really did use this at one time!)

Last but not least, a big 'ole turkey platter!

I didn't even know that my one year blogiversay was October 15th so check back...I may just have to have some kind of giveaway!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What do ya think of this?

What do you think of this wanna be millinery flower I made today? I know it's not something that hasn't been done before, but I had all of these supplies out today and have been wanting to make some kind of flower. It was also an excuse you use this sheer dotted swiss that I've been dieing to play with and also just happens to be listed in my shop ;). But honestly, it really is such a pretty off-white dotted swiss with such yummy flocked dots!
Also made some of these too!
I stopped at a tag sale today that had tons and tons of sewing stuff. I was in a rush and didn't have as much time as I would have liked to sift through it all. She had this neat old plush trim in white and pink. I thought it was blanket trim but the packaging says it's for "girdles, corsets and brassieres"....ooh la, la!

Hope you are all having a nice weekend...so far!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

hello friends

Hello Friends...Tonight is the first time I've been on my computer since last week. For me, that must mean that I am practically on my deathbed and until today, that is how I've felt! I have a new found respect for those of you who have suffered from sinus infections! I've never had, therefore, had no idea how miserable that it can make you. Today, I feel somewhat better and decided to finally plant my mums and kale outside....yes, I am behind. I am now exhausted and need some rest so that tomorrow I can hopefully finish. So in the meantime, before I start posting Fall photos, here are some pretty "pink" pictures from around the house!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

the cabinet my daddy made me

I think that I may have mentioned before that my father makes furniture. Not by trade but by hobby. Self taught I might add! When I was little every Christmas he made me a gift. One year a stove, oven and sink another year a refrigerator. Also a dollhouse that had more detail and better mouldings than my house does now! When I got a little older, he made me a desk and as a teenager, a dressing table. Now that I have my own home he makes me furniture. When I am looking for a certain piece, I always shop around first. Usually I have something in mind that just seems impossible to find and that is when I ask Daddy! What I wanted was a piece of furniture to go under the TV in my den. But most of the cabinets I found were too short. I wanted something along the lines of a buffet or sideboard. The other detail that was just impossible to find was a place for the cable box and video games that wasn't closed behind a door. This is what we came up with. He makes the furniture and my hubby and I finish it. The first photo was taken when my husband was sanding it. He painted the base and stained the top. He sealed it with the same finish that he used on our butcher block. This den is for our boys and everything in it needs to be tough!

Friends and family are always asking how I finish my furniture so I thought I would do a little tutorial. I like to make my furniture look warn but hate it when it looks obvious that you've tried. To me, there is more to it than sanding off a little paint. What I do is take a scraper and rub it along the edges. Even dig it into a few places. I make sure to get into any grooves. the pic below shows that but I now realize it's a little hard to see. Here is a close up of the sanding and scraping.

I dip a sponge brush into some stain and push into the corners and creases.I let it drip down so it gets into the grooves.Then pat it and rub some off with a rag until I'm happy with it. If you let it seep into the grooves it just makes it appear older and dirtier. In this spot I just tapped it with the sponge a bit.

Aren't I lucky to have such a talented father? On top if that, I have a husband that doesn't mind painting. What more can a girl want!!??

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I am so exctied about this....

I am so happy to announce that Danielle from the Vintage Dragonfly is hosting this... this handmade holiday gift faire will be held at my home in long island, new york.
december 12th and 13th
10 am - 4 pm
we are very excited to be preparing for this event...please stop by if you can!!
If you have a chance to stop by her blog you will see why this is going to be wonderful. And for me...It's only about a 20 minute ride from my house! So if anyone is interested in coming with me or meeting up, we can make a really fun day out of it! Let me know...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

fun with fall in the shop

I wanted to share some of the fun things I've been working on for my shop. Some of it, well most of it, is gone already but I will be making more each day. I just thought all the pictures looked so pretty and "Fallish" together!