Thursday, February 25, 2010

blueberry french toast

Have you seen this bread in Target??!!! If you do, I highly recommend you buy it! We are addicted to it....makes the best blueberry french toast!

I first bought it a few weeks ago...just before we had that huge blizzard on the east coast! Two snow days and the loaf was gone!

Right now it's 11pm and it is starting to snow...again! A little piece of me is hoping for a snow day tomorrow! I have a new loaf of bread! Since I took this photo I broke my all time favorite mug! I've had it for three years I think. It was a dollar at my supermarket. I bought four of them and broke three of them probably within the first month. I was down to this last one. It was not only pretty but the perfect size! I am very particular about the mug I drink my coffee in! I'm not crazy right!? Everyone has a favorite mug...right!? So now I am on a mission to find the perfect mug!

Since I am a bad are some pictures from the storm we had a few weeks ago.

I love this's serious business building a snowman ya know!

But I think he's lovely!


julie said...

Hi Jennifer! Yum, I'm going to have to make a trip to get some of that bread. My husband and I, during the last snow storm, ate blueberry pancakes for a couple days. Those were yummy too.

Elyse said...

hi jennifer,

that looks like great french toast. might i also suggest pepperidge farms cinnamon raisin toasting bread. it's sliced thick and even the crust is coated with sweet stuff. yum.

you are not a bad blogger, you are a busy person. :)

happy snow day to all!


Leann said...

Right there with you, but I came in to work today! It really still snowing and blowing out there!

Enjoy your day!

Romeo said...

Hi Jennifer!

I am loving your last post - when do we eat?!?! We have a Target right up the road and no I haven't seem this bread. I must go - the weekend is upon us and nothing better than a big breakfast on the weekend!

Thanks too for sharing the pictures of the boys - I LOVE the picture with the sunbeam shining on them as they play in the snow, but also am in love with the snowman. He is handsome indeed!!!

I just read that proper "blogger etiquette" is to ask a blog owner if they can post a link to their site. Oops! I had already listed your blog as "favorite". So I guess I'd better ask now and ask for forgiveness. Is it okay? Please let me know.

cindy said...

I understand about the mug! We each have our favorites over here too! :D Will have to look for the bread for hubby, he is a blueberry not so much! LOL.


TAA said...

That looks delicious. Toasted bread and coffee is perfect for breakfast.