Tuesday, September 21, 2010

opinions needed...ASAP!!!!

I haven't posted in long time and planned on my newest post being about how great my summer was or a "welcome fall" post, but what I really need here ladies is an opinion! I've had this bench in my mudroom for years. I absolutely love it! It was the first new purchase I made for this house right before we moved in. It's made from an old door and I found it on EBAY. I am able to stash the cat food underneath it and some baskets for my boys cleats (this is football season you know!)

Last night I had a thought! I love, love, love black wicker and have it outside. I thought, why not bring it in for the winter, put the bench in my bedroom and then put things back in the spring when it's warm out again.

What do you think? I'm not sure but need to decide before everyone gets home because I have the other bench sitting in the middle of my kitchen and if you saw the size of my kitchen you would know that it pretty much takes up the entire room.
So I would love to hear what any of you think!


julie - eab designs said...

Such a coincidence you should be posting about this today because I just visited a neighbor's home yesterday and she had this fabulous black wicker bench seat that she just found on Craigslist. I loved it. I can see why you are seeking opinions because both the bench and wicker piece look so great. I'm all for finding storage room though, so if you can still fit your boys' baskets and cat food with the wicker piece I'd go ahead and switch it up!

Boxwood Cottage said...

Hi Jennifer,
glad to see you back posting! :)
Well although I love black accents for contrast and wicker of course, I definitely prefer the look of the beautiful shabby white bench in that space!

Janelle said...

As useful as all the storage is under the bench, I'd be leery about moving it elsewhere. The black wicker does look wonderful inside, though...what about putting it in your bedroom, instead of the bench?

annette said...

I love the wicker but the bench looks great where it is. Maybe try the wicker piece in your bedroom for a cozy place to read in the winter.

cindy said...

Have to agree with Janelle and Annette. The bench looks so fab (in the mudroom), I would have to put the wicker elsewhere.


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

So what did you decide? I liked them both and sometimes we just need a change. I think the cat's opinion would be the one that mattered most, though. Gotta keep those kitty-cats happy, ya know.

Nancy said...

I love your bench, clean, neat and practical, with lots of charm. The black wicker add a touch of whimsey and comfort when putting on and taking off cleats. The white cushion, I would wrap a red throw around it to keep off the cat hair and it would be ready to go.

arrielle_p said...

I have a wicker chair on my balcony at my makati condominiums. I love staying in that place with my friends.