Thursday, November 11, 2010

 I found this sampler the other day while cleaning out some things.  My mother made it in 1984.  Does that make it vintage yet????  It was one of the many cross stitches that my mother made.  For a while there she was never seen without stitching one.  She would stitch it and my father would make a frame for it.  I loved that she always signed and dated them.  She gave many of them as gifts and this one I guess she was keeping for herself but I'm not sure.  I love the colors!!!
I've been busy, busy hoping to have kinda a shop re-opening soon!
 Even adding some jewelry!

 Just wanted to pop in and say hello and also to apologize to anyone that I haven't gotten back to. I was having some major blogger issues that were frustrating me to the point of thinking about giving up blogging forever!  I think I figured out what the issue was and well, I have to admit...I think the issue was me!  I had some of my settings wrong!

 Welcome back!


julie said...

Can't wait to see everything you add to your shop! I was big time into cross-stitching in the late 80's. Managed by now to have somehow given everything away with the exception of one Hummel cross-stitch that my hubby refuses to part with. It's been banned to the basement and hangs in his shop. Have a great weekend!

rose girl said...

that's a lovely sampler. I can't cross stitch, I get get in such a muddle with it. I do tapestry instead, which for me is much easier as it's just a half stitch!

Glad you got your blogger/setting issues sorted


Gayla said...

Such pretty pictures. I loved my visit today! My mom loved to cross stitch... That sampler is lovely.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

I love your Moms sampler!! I think it is so special to pass down hand work... maybe because it is so rare now adays.

I love all of your creations!! You have such a sweet style to your work Jennifer..