Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i'm still alive and the "J" word took me about two hours to get my pics loaded onto Blogger. I thought it was a problem with the site...or maybe it because I actually forgot how to blog.

A few months ago I got what my friend referred to as the "J" word...a job! It's all still very strange to me. I haven't worked since my first son was born over ten years ago!!! Before he was born, while working full-time, I was also working part-time as an assistant to a designer. Knowing that that I was planning to get pregnant, I would eventually quit my full time job and keep the assistant job. My plan started out perfectly...I made my own hours, did layouts at home while the baby slept and when I had to go see clients, my mother would watch the baby for me for an hour or so. It was the perfect job to keep my feet wet until I would one day go back to work and I loved it! A year and a half later my mother died and I quit!
I am a firm believer in doing what you love and being creative is what I love. This job isn't very's not "me". It is pretty surreal to realize one day that 10 years have flown by and, WOW, finding a job is not so easy... easy I mean a job that will have me home in time to pick my boys up from school. A job that I can't be at during the evenings because, between the three of them, there is at least one baseball or basketball game every night. A job that doesn't need me on weekends because of again, baseball, football or whatever the sport is that season, and my husband usually has photo shoots on weekends. A job that I don't have to work all summer or on school breaks or that doesn't mind that during my second week I had to call in because my son was sick. A job that even if I could find a babysitter to stay with three very active little boys, pays enough for me to pay the babysitter! But most of all a job that I can use my creativity and that I will love!

Really, I'm not complaining! I think it's more about the guilt of not working while all my kids are in school now. I also think it's about not having anyone home to take care more babies!!! I've loved my "job" for the past 10 years...I really did!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

~happy mothers day~

{card is from ony of my favorite Etsy sellers....
Ellen from One Ripe Peach}