Friday, October 19, 2007

here it goes...

Well, I have finally decided to do it...I'm entering "blog world". I have been wanting to for so long but kept putting it off because I'm not that computer savvy. I mean, I can place an order, go on Ebay or check my bank account but I just don't know a lot of the technical things. But, I'm sure I will learn!

What is it about some blogs that are so addicting? I have a ritual every morning....I walk my kids to the bus stop, practically run home, get my coffee, sit down at my computer and start opening my favorite blogs (especially the creative ones!) hoping to see a new post!

So, please bare with me as I learn. I have so much I want to write about, pictures to post and some of my own little creative surprises to eventually show!

The first picture I wanted to post is one of my all time favorite pearl buttons. I've been collecting them and creating with them since I was a little girl. Who doesn't love an old ironstone bowl filled with beautiful MOP buttons!

Thanks for reading my first entry!

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*Heidi* said...

Welcome! You'll have so much more fun blogging now rather than just reading! It is more interactive! Come visit my blog anytime!

I love you buttons picture!