Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a crazy week!

It has been a crazy week! My son's birthday, my birthday, kids are off (spring break), sleepovers, hubby is sick, blah, blah, blah...I am trying to squeeze as much in as possible right now. It's 8:30 am and all three rugrats are still asleep. This is odd but I'm sure it's pure exhaustion from the past few days. I got my goodies the other day from Maria...WOW, what fun! I loved this swap. Looky how pretty...

I think this big buckle is my fave! Thanks so much Maria...hope you like yours as much as I love mine!
Birthday presents...I think this is so funny. My son has this sudden infatuation with Godzilla. I have no idea how he ever even heard of him or where he has seen him but for months he's been saying he wants a Godzilla for his birthday. I didn't even know they made Godzilla but apparently they do. We even found some of the old Godzilla movies on DVD. What a flashback....I remember watching them with my brothers but I don't remember them being so awful, makes him happy...for now...Has anyone seen this jewelry from Anthropologie? For months I've been wanting this necklace and bracelet. They've been sold out online and the stores only have a few left. I even checked an Anthropologie when we were in Florida and couldn't get my hands on them. Well, for my birthday one of my sister-in-laws gave me the necklace and my other sister-in-law gave me the bracelet. Either one of them knew I wanted them or knew that they were each getting them for me. I guess my taste is obvious!Also been wanting one of these for a while but never even bothered to mention it. I had a good watch but stopped wearing one a few years ago when it broke. I was completely shocked when my husband gave me this. So I guess I can say I had a great birthday!Now on to other things. I haven't had time to make much lately but have so many ideas at the moment. My shop needs some major updating so hopefully I can start working on it this week. I made these little boxes last night. I've had these little floral buckles but have been afraid to use them since I only have a few. Isn't it sweet?

I also got my mitts on some more of these fabulous paper roses. I think these will be some of my Mother's Day gifts this year. Time to go. The boys are up and the Wii games have begun...time for me to get out of the den!


Monica said...

Sounds like a great birthday for both of you! How did your cake turn out??
I love your new little creations and those paper flowers are gorgeous!
Too funny about the Wii I was addicted for the longest time to playing wiht them!

Scrappy Jessi said...

so so fun! your watch is gorgeous! your swap goodies are fabulous!
what a fun week,

janae said...

Happy birthday! I LOVE the necklace and bracelet and if ever happen to grow tired of them, you can pass them my way! Great stuff!!

Sarah said...

oh! Jack pot with the Anthropology jewelry (and the watch)! I have the bracelet and I LOVE IT! I got a gift card for Christmas....went about a month ago to use it and headed straight for the jewelry. There was a "K" and a two other letters left. Man...I took that K and ran. I was thrilled..."S" are always fast to go with any mongrammed jewelry so I was so happy the K for my last name was there! Enjoy!
Vintage Lily

cindy said...

Cool stuff! Love that buckle's gorgeous! And love the jewelry! And your little paper boxes too. And the funny! How fun to put the bday sign in his hands! I love it.


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Happy Birthday! I love your little trunk of junque... the buckle is wonderful! xo heather