Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm a basket case!!!!!

Have you ever looked around the house and you know that you have alot of something? Then you really start to look around the house and realize you have way too many of that something and that you may have a problem!!?? I have baskets EVERYWHERE!!!! It all started with one of the baskets in the picture below. The picnic basket on the bottom left was my grandmothers first. Then my mother had it and always used to take it to the beach when we were kids. Living on Long Island we spent almost every weekend at the beach during the summer and I have such fond memories of my mother packing it and bringing with us. A few years ago I found it in my parents shed and that started my collection of picnic baskets. These three sit on top of a shelf in my dining room.Below that shelf these three are stacked on the floor. The one on top was hard to find but I wanted a teeny one and finally found it on Ebay.
Isn't the little latch neat?
These baskets are stacked on top of an armoire in my bedroom.

In my boys rooms I use baskets alot for storage.

An old wire basket for books

An old locker basket for Baseballs

In the mudroom we keep this basket by the backdoor. With three boys in an out all day, they keep their flip-flops and sandals in here.

More baskets under the mudroom bench filled with football and soccer equipment.

I even have this tray basket to keep my mail and paper work in for the week.

Oh I could keep showing you baskets but you know, with a small home, I think that they are such a great way to store things and still look neat and pretty!


Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

You and I have some very similar baskets, although I have to say I don't have quite as many. They are great! I agree, in a small house they help so much. Can't imagine living without them.

LiLi M. said...

Your baskets are so nice! And you use them so well too! Mmm after reading your post I begin to wonder wheather I have enough baskets. Does 'enough' or 'more than enough' baskets really exist? ;-D

jenny fowler said...

i am not much of a basket person but i have to say that, wow, you have some pretty interesting pieces that even i wouldn't mind. i can't believe you have so many. i bet they are useful for all kinds of things. maybe that is my problem... :)

Heather said...

But its such a practical obsession! Im partial to picnic baskets, Ive been taking them everywhere this summer, so handy when you have little ones

Cathy said...

Don't you just love baskets. I have tons of them too. I've got them all over the house filled to the brim with just about everything.

Great post.

xo Cath

cindy said...

I too have a basket "thing". And, to me, they are pretty and useful as well. You have a great looking bunch there! : D


Bristol said...

I love your basket collection. I think I have that obsession with old crocks~ I purchased the most lovely things from your shop. The wall paper stickers were so cute. I used them on a project I did with my niece. The little gift bag was perfect and you packaged it beautifully~~~~

Joy Zaczyk said...

Oh, I am lovin' all of your baskets - and the great thing is - they hide a multitide of sins (at least in MY house they do!)




3CHEERS4MOM said...

Oh, I really like you basket collection. I have started to look for them everywhere I go. If you run out of room, you are more than welcome to store them at my house. ;) Cheers, Amy

Sarah said...

oh! That's fun. Love the basket by the backdoor for flipflops. I'm so tired of tracking down flip flops this past summer! Think I'm going to get a basket for that!
Vintage Lily

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

We must be kindred spirits. I love baskets, too. Aren't they great for storing tid bits?

Good stuff!!!!