Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just some pretties

Well hi there!!! Wanted to post some pretty pictures as I run out the door. It seems like I am always running out the door these days. But anyway, my flowers in the yard are doing great since it rained non-stop last week! My hydrangea bushes are completely out of control this year. I've been cutting them every week and it's been wonderful having bouquets of hydrangeas everywhere. But they're life has come to an end now so by this time every year I put them in a few baskets here and there until they dry out.
Isn't this seashell brooch just too pretty!!!??? Found it at a garage sale the other day. Now I'm just debating to sell or not to sell. Lately, everything I see I want to stick on one of the little notebooks that I've been making...hmmmm....
Just like these beautiful old millinery flowers that are on this hat! I want to put them on some journals so badly but these little suckers are giving me a hard time coming off.
pretty huh!?
Well it's 10:30 am and my boys are still sleeping. They all have appointments for physicals in one hour. I think exhaustion has finally caught up to them!!!! We spent the day yesterday at a water park here on Long Island and tomorrow we're off to Englishtown, NJ to watch drag racing and monster trucks!!!!!
Happy Tuesday!


Heather said...

Those hydrangea are beautiful! Oh, I envy you for them! I used dried hydrangea as centerpieces at my fall wedding. We painted them with floral paint, lol, they looked amazingly autumnal!
So nice to meet you and see your beautiful blog-

Monica said...

oh my girl those hydrangeas are gorgeous! Love the millinery goodies you found too! Congrats on Lollishops, I cant wait till it opens!

Wanda said...

All your pictures are just beautiful! The flowers, the hydrangeas in the sweet baskets, the pin, everything!

jenny fowler said...

you guys are busy and it sounds like you are having lots of fun. those millinery flowers are beautiful. i hope they stay intact when you get them off!


cindy said...

Your yard is gorgeous! And love your finds.


Sarah said...

Love the hydrangeas in the basket and that shell pin is definetly a keeper!
Vintage Lily

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Your hydrangeas are gorgeous and I love the pretty millinery flowers!!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I love the color of your hydrangeas! Muted.
Do you possibly have 3 boys like I do? :)
I came here from Beachy's.

Miss Sandy said...

What pretty finds! I dream of hydrangeas like yours. It has been so dry here even with watering mine did not put out one bloom! Thank you for sharing yours.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

and yes...what pretty flowers they are! Love your soft touches to your blog!

Cali Homemaker said...

So many pretty things to look at, I enjoyed looking through your blog!