Thursday, April 24, 2008


While I was inside creating these...My little guys were outside creating these...

In my last post I mentioned my youngest son's infatuation with Godzilla...Did I also mention his infatuation with King Kong? What is up with that?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a crazy week!

It has been a crazy week! My son's birthday, my birthday, kids are off (spring break), sleepovers, hubby is sick, blah, blah, blah...I am trying to squeeze as much in as possible right now. It's 8:30 am and all three rugrats are still asleep. This is odd but I'm sure it's pure exhaustion from the past few days. I got my goodies the other day from Maria...WOW, what fun! I loved this swap. Looky how pretty...

I think this big buckle is my fave! Thanks so much Maria...hope you like yours as much as I love mine!
Birthday presents...I think this is so funny. My son has this sudden infatuation with Godzilla. I have no idea how he ever even heard of him or where he has seen him but for months he's been saying he wants a Godzilla for his birthday. I didn't even know they made Godzilla but apparently they do. We even found some of the old Godzilla movies on DVD. What a flashback....I remember watching them with my brothers but I don't remember them being so awful, makes him happy...for now...Has anyone seen this jewelry from Anthropologie? For months I've been wanting this necklace and bracelet. They've been sold out online and the stores only have a few left. I even checked an Anthropologie when we were in Florida and couldn't get my hands on them. Well, for my birthday one of my sister-in-laws gave me the necklace and my other sister-in-law gave me the bracelet. Either one of them knew I wanted them or knew that they were each getting them for me. I guess my taste is obvious!Also been wanting one of these for a while but never even bothered to mention it. I had a good watch but stopped wearing one a few years ago when it broke. I was completely shocked when my husband gave me this. So I guess I can say I had a great birthday!Now on to other things. I haven't had time to make much lately but have so many ideas at the moment. My shop needs some major updating so hopefully I can start working on it this week. I made these little boxes last night. I've had these little floral buckles but have been afraid to use them since I only have a few. Isn't it sweet?

I also got my mitts on some more of these fabulous paper roses. I think these will be some of my Mother's Day gifts this year. Time to go. The boys are up and the Wii games have begun...time for me to get out of the den!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Perfume Bottles

I don't think I have to tell anyone where I got these little glitter filled perfume bottles from. But just in case I got them from Marilyn. I didn't want them for the glitter as much as I wanted them for the bottles. I've been collecting perfume bottles since I was a kid. I was always being taken to antique shows and fairs when I was little and my mom, aunt and grandmother would start me on collections so I could get involved in the hunt as well. When I received these from Marilyn I was even more excited that this one still has a label on it!Here is a glimpse at some of my collection. I have them in a wall cabinet in my bathroom so the lighting was a little rough. Most of these here are from my husband. He seemed to have always found the oldest and best ones. "Evening in Paris" and "Spellbound".I remember finding this one on a table at a show and being in love with the velvet ribbon. I'm not sure what the "W" stands for.

I love this little bottle and the little paper tassel. What's so funny about it is that in 1st grade a boy gave it to me. Believe it or not I had two boys that liked me and would each keep bringing me gifts. It all stopped when one of the boys started bringing me his mother's jewelry. The bottle was full until I came home from school and spilled it on the ottoman in the living room.

I have this little German candy box in there as well...just because it's so pretty (and falling apart).

Okay...On to other things. I finally got my Junque box out to Maria yesterday. As usual I'm very last minute with everything but here is a peak.

Now I need to get back to working on my son's birthday party for Friday. The big "5". I always make my kids cakes. This year he wants dinosaurs with a gate (?) and a volcano. At first he wanted a King Kong cake. The dinosaurs are little easier but a gate and volcano? I 'll have to see what I can come up with.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

pins, pins and more pins

In case no one has noticed my latest infatuation with are some more. I have been waiting anxiously for these to come in the mail and just did about an hour ago. I wasn't planning on being on the computer today since it is "lets start cleaning things up around the house day" but couldn't resist. I think they are just too cute! I've listed them in my shop in sets of 12. Now, it's back to painting mouldings...I know, I know you are all jealous ;).
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

we have a winner...a day late

Last night while watching "The Mist" with my husband, I jumped up and yelled, "I forgot to pick a winner!" He was nice enough to pause the movie as I cut up little pieces of paper and wrote down names. He picked out the winner but since it was close to midnight I figured I would just wait until the morning to post it...

Yae!!!! Sarah at Vintage Lily won...she is such a sweetheart too! So I'm sending her this pretty ironstone mug. It's a repro but still gorgeous! I may even tuck a few goodies inside!

I've also had a few people ask about my push pins. They are actually old metal curtain tiebacks. One other thing that I was hooked on a few years ago. How they held back a curtain or drape I have no idea because the tack isn't very long but aren't they beautiful!!!???

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New tags and pins!

Hi there! I wanted to share some tags I just got from a seller on Etsy that I've been admiring now for a while now. Her store name is Blue Bird Lane and she makes the most beautiful tags!
I love these bakery tags with the cakes on them! I always bake a gift for friends and family when it's their birthday or anniversary. How pretty will these look tied on?
This last set she threw in. How nice! Check out her store when you get a chance. She has a tag for everything!

Also just added these pins to my shop. Pins are my newest favorite thing! These have pink and blue crystal balls on the top. Well, they aren't really crystal but plastic...but you would never know it!
...and these pearl heart pins also.
That's all for now. Have to get back to working on my box for Heather's Junque in my Trunk Swap. My partner is Maria from The Junkk Drawer. I have to admit that I am lovin' how her box came out. I might show only a sneak peak because I want her to be surprised. But I definitely think I am making one for myself soon.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Vintage Wallpaper Packs!

I've been putting this off and putting it off. I LOVE vintage wallpaper but HATE cutting it up! Those of you who have old rolls know what I mean. I've been wanting to start selling more of my stash but, my god, who has the patience? If anyone has any advice, please share.

I did manage to cut some up and boy, they are so pretty...and old! This one is a border. It has two rows on the sheet. The colors are the best cottage pinks, blues and greens.
This one has a cream background with sage greens scrolls and leaves. Also has this fabulous medallion in the center!
Last but not least, is this sage green and white print. Lots of scrolls, leaves, vines and medallions.
I'm telling ya...these are fragile but beautiful! I'm listing them in my shop in a pack of 12 for now, each measuring approximately 9 X 10 inches.

Also wanted to say thanks to everyone for such nice comments about my ironstone! Remember to leave a comment for the giveaway next week!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Ironstone Collection and a GIVEAWAY!!!

I've had a lot of comments in past posts about my ironstone collection. I guess because I take a lot of my Etsy pictures near it and besides, everything, in my opinion, looks a little happier next to a piece of ironstone! I collect A LOT of things but this is my baby. I LOOOVE ironstone!!!!This little pitcher to the right is what started it all. I guess I was in my early 20's when I found it in an antique shop and fell in love with it. I couldn't stop looking at the details.What is it about a stack of old ironstone dishes? This little cutie I keep some of my favorite corks in. I love the "J". It's my first and last initial.Square scalloped dishes are my favorite. To get them in a set like this would be way to expensive. The largest one I have was my mothers. I remember her always using it for mashed potatoes. But over the years I found some more of the square dishes, mostly on Ebay. I just found this tiny one the other day that fits perfectly!
Child's cup
More stacks of dishes
Don't you love the detail on these platters!!! I can't get enough...
I also collect lids. The lids are so pretty because they have such detailed handles and finials.This cup is an old toothbrush holder.
These are old wash basins .
I bought this tureen last year as a mother's day gift to myself (don't you just love that excuse to buy yourself something?).Shortly after, my aunt suprised me with this one.

These are just some pictures from magazines that I've saved.

How can you not love the simplicity of ironstone? What I love about mine is that some of it was my mother's, my grandmothers and great grandmother's. They all used them as everyday dishes...who would have ever thought.
Now for my giveaway...Leave a comment and I will pick a winner by next Wednesday. Here is a has something to do with today's post. Maybe I will post a picture of it before then but for now... you 'll have to wait.