Tuesday, March 25, 2008

feeling a wee bit frustrated

First, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter...I know I did! Second, I want to thank everyone in the Hippity swap for all of your beautiful gifts! It was such a treat to come home from Florida and have that package waiting for me! I thought it was so much fun and would love to do another one (hint, hint, Heather)! I do have to apologize for not posting any pictures. As soon as I opened my little treasures I placed them all around the house, but in a cleaning rage yesterday, I packed them all up along with my other Easter decorations. I'm usually not so quick to put holiday decor away, but yesterday was just one of those days!

A friend of mine asked me if I could take some pics of some shelves my dad made for me. She's having her builder make something similar in her living room. I thought that since I was taking pictures of this that I would take some more pictures of some of the other pieces that my dad has made for me. Until...I dropped my new camera and now something is wrong with the shutter. Great huh!? One more thing to add to my mood today! Anyway...She also asked me to finish it for her. Over the years I've gotten pretty good at making furniture looked aged. Not just rubbing paint off with some sand paper but some other techniques I've played around with. So until I figure out what kind of damage I just did to my camera here is what I've taken so far....


Joy said...

Yes, they say imitation is the sweetest form of flattery - but not always! Don't worry - nothing beats the original!

p.s. nice aging techniques - you're Dad is very talented as well!

The Feathered Nest said...

I agree with Joy, sweetie, nothing beats the original!! It's happened to me many times but I try to tell myself that people can copy me all day long, and I do love to inspire others to create, but their work will never be mine or just like my original ~ not to sound full of myself, because I am not that way, but just knowing that mine is "my look", gives me a bit of comfort.

I love the aging techniques!! They look naturally worn ~ always love to visit you!! xxoo, Dawn

Sarah said...

Love all YOUR creations! The shelves your dad made are wonderful! What a wonderful craftman.

Millie said...

I am sure the imitations won't compare to your originals.
Just came upon your blog and see some neat stuff!

cindy said...

I'm copying Joy and Dawn (LOL) in saying this, but yes...this person my copy your design, but it will not have your flair or personality in the work. And yes, it is irratating.

LOVE your dishes...have you been collecting forever? They look wonderful in the shelves your Dad made (which is beautiful too).


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Love the shelves and the way you have aged them! Those white dishes look so pretty on it, too!