Monday, March 3, 2008


I've been collecting milk glass for years...I know...who hasn't? Especially because it was so easy to find at garage or estate sales. Anything milk glass that I could get my hands on I would grab. My mother also had alot from the 60's so I had a descent amount. But then I got a little tired of it because it seemed that every where I looked...milk glass! When I moved into this house four years ago, I never even unpacked any of it. Except for this collection...My Vanity Milk Glass.

Little trinket boxes and dishes. These are Victorian and used to have gold paint on the edges. Sometimes you find dishes with some flowers painted on them also. I don't care too much for the gold on the edges so the more warn off the better for me! But they used to be very ornate.

These aren't as opaque as 60's milk glass, you can see the light right through them. They are very delicate and the detail on the edges are beautiful and I think that is what attracts me to them.

I keep it all in my bedroom. This wall was a perfect size to display some of the trays. Four years and not one of them has fallen off...I'm amazed! I keep a lot of pieces on my dresser also and in the early morning my cat jumps on the dresser to wake us up. Unfortunately, some dishes or boxes have fallen to their deaths while Bailey thinks "that will get them up!"

Just thought I would share another one of my obsessions!


Wanda said...

Oooo! I love really old milk glass, too! You have it displayed so nicely.

Monica said...

Love your pretties!
I have just a few pieces that I bought and then my mom came over the summer to visit and brought me a few more that belonged to my grandmother. I told myself NO MORE you are moving to Japan = small house stop collecting stuff!
Love your wall display!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Love your milk glass collection! The platters look gorgoeus on the wall like that.

xoxo Heather

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

I love the way you have displayed them!! Very pretty!! I have finished the boot purse I have been working on. Hope you can stop by and take a look! Hugs! Connie

Dona said...

Obsessions are wonderful, and yours is quite pretty.


Connie said...

From one milk glass addict to another, I love your collection and how you decorate with them.