Sunday, March 2, 2008


First of all, I haven't posted because for some reason my pictures would not download. I was also having issues with my new printer. I have very little patience for computer problems (probably because I know very little about them) and if my husband isn't home I have to wait...I feel bad because I have packages waiting to go out and I couldn't print out the labels. But all is well now, my pictures are downloaded and my labels are printed. Here are my swap packages for Heather's Hippity Hop Swap. I am a little bummed because we are leaving for Florida during the swap so I will have to wait until we get back to see everything.
Here is a sneak peak at Heather's (Speckeled Egg) Sweet Little Nest Swap.

I have been on a real creative streak right now...can't stop! The ideas are flowing. But I have to stop and I hate that. I have to get ready for this trip next week....Summer clothes have to brought down from the attic, sorted through and washed. The boys need new sneakers, I NEED some new clothes! Last summer I didn't wear shorts really...don't like the legs too much. I know, I know that sounds ridiculous and that is why I decided I would wear shorts to Florida. I have been to three malls and no one has shorts out yet. How come when you aren't going on vacation you see summer clothes in the stores as (what seems to be) early as Christmas? And how come all the clothes they make now seem like they could only fit a 15 year-old? I don't like wearing pants that sit just above my crotch, I had three children for crying out loud! Also need to get everything done for Easter as we are getting back right before. Wish me luck this week!
I found this gorgeous old wallpaper and listed some of it. It has this great floral medallion in the center and overall it is just fabulously old!
These are gone but wanted to show them anyway because I love how they came out. I'm trying to clean up and get organized before we leave so I thought I would start giving up some of my supplies. I was making these on tags but then realized they make a better bookmark when everything is off. I am anxious to make more so will try when I am done posting.

I need some opinions. We added on a little den last year for the boys. When I say boys I also mean my husband. Oh, and the lizards live there. The leather isn't really me but I needed something sturdy and I've grown to like it. I was trying to bring in some sage greens and neutrals to tie it in with the rest of the house. The area rug has green in it and I found some great brown, green and a touch of pink floral pillows. But my husband recently came home with this...WHAT???!!!! No green, no pink, no beige???!!! But he was so proud and I guess I should let him have some say in the decorating right? It is supposed to be a "boys" den right? I'm just not sure about it (I wouldn't tell him that though). I don't hate it, I guess I am just not used to it. I do like how the reds are brought out along with the chimney. I think it's just so masculine. Then again you would think I was used to masculine with all of the testosterone running through this house! Oh well, I guess I'll get used to it. At least I get to pick out a new rug!


heidi said...

hi jennifer ~
cute stuff!

Sarah said...

Can I just tell you I LOVE THOSE BOOK MARKS! So soft, delicate, and pretty looking! You are on to something there! Pretty birdie nest. I'm finished mine up tomorrow and mailing out to Little Melfie! Pop that wall sage green still. You can't bring in the pretty pink...but definitely the sagey green.

Heather said...

I LOVE that print. You could soften the room up with a throw and the pillows like you said. I would add sage green and RED. Fun!!


I like it! tie the colors in the picture into pillow and throw fabrics...I like sage and red together.