Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am honored...really!!!!!!

Every morning I have the same routine...After I get Anthony and Micheal off on the bus, I get back in the house, practically run to get my coffee that I have been patiently dying for, and sit down at my computer. I check my emails and then start going through my favorite list of blogs. I have been doing this for months! Well, this morning I received this award from Sarah at Vintage Lily and I have to say (as corny as it may sound) that I am honored!!!! I really am!!!! Thank you so much Sarah and it really has "made my day". I have been blogging since the fall and still feel rather new at it. But it is the truth when everyone tells you about the friends you will make and how you do connect with some of them. If Sarah didn't give this to me, I would be giving it to her! I had been seeing some of her pictures on Flickr and was so excited when I found her blog. When I saw this on it, I knew it would be one of my favorites!

By the way Sarah, that commercial you are talking about...exactly!!!! Oh, and one more thing...If any of my boys would have been a girl, Sarah was the first name we would have picked!

So now I am passing it on to some of the girls that have inspired me and have the blogs that I just have to check every day!


Who doesn't love Holly!? Not only is her blog beautiful but you can just tell what a beautiful and sincere person she is. And the talent...can't even begin. Way back when, I bought some wallpaper from Holly. She asked if I had a blog and at the time I was very unsure about it. Well, she was the one who told me what a wonderful experience it would be and obviously she was right...Thanks Holly!


I love her blog! She is so creative and loves anything beautiful and pretty and has her own way of putting it all together. I love how she "appreciates" old things. A lot of people don't get it but Heather does and I totally understand that!


I love Monica's strength! Her husband is in the USAF and she's must miss him dearly but you would never know it! Her two kids are her life and you can tell how much she loves them through her blog and I just LOVE that! She is moving out of the country soon and I can only hope that she keeps her blog going!


I think Cindy is a blast! Not only is she talented but I think she is very witty! I have a new found love for birds so of course love these birds that she stitches!


Last but not least is Dawn at The Feathered Nest! I love that she posts every day (something I wish I could do) but she also offers free images and tutorials that are beautiful and generous. I think she is truly genuine and a real sweetheart!

There are still so many others that I can think of. Like I said, I still feel rather new to blogland but these ladies (and many others) have made me feel very welcomed. Everyone is so different yet similar. Thanks to you all!

Now I have to get off and finish my swaps. Remember a few posts back I said for once I was ahead of myself? Well I haven't worked on them since. We are also leaving for Florida in two weeks and I have to start concentrating on that and being ready for Easter as soon as we get back. Time to get to work!


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Wow, thank you so much Jenn! That really means so much to me that you would think of me for this award. I am really happy that you find my "junque" interesting.. hehe!!

You are so nice and I enjoy your blog as well!
xoxo Heather

The Feathered Nest said...

Thank you so much, Jennifer!! You are so very sweet and I just love the way you listed everyone, by showing a snippet of them! I appreciate you visiting my blog and commenting, too. Isn't it so neat how here in the land of Blog you can make the sweetest friends? And with everyone contributing their little slice of life it makes for such a nice visit around the world each day!! Do you know that I have almost 175 blogs in my bloglines now? Whew! I'd better get some work done....Thank you again, and I hope you're having a wonderful week! xxoo, Dawn

Monica said...

Awee great minds think alike!
I love reading your blog too :)

Monica said...

Ok whoops I hit enter!
I wanted to say THANK YOU for your kind words, they mean alot to me. Being without my hubby this past year has definatley been hard but having gerat blog pals has been wonderful! I appreciate all of you :)
I plan to keep on blogging, I would miss you guys too much!

Sarah said...

I love all those blogs too!

HollyDoodleDesigns said...

Thank you so much, Jennifer. You rock. You make me blush, though. Thank you for saying such sweet things about me. xoxoxo