Monday, February 18, 2008

More note holders and swaps

Well, things around here are getting back to normal. My floors are in and I love them! Hubby is replacing some of the mouldings right now. I am actually almost done with this swap, which for me, is a miracle. If you know me, then you would know that I am a last minute kinda gal so this is big. Here is a glimpse...These colors are normally a bit bright for me. I was going to go more neutral but I figured it's for Easter and why not go more bold. It was fun for me to use these colors for a change. One problem though. I bought all the supplies about a month ago and I am one "something" short and it's kind of a main "something". Hopefully Michaels will still have some left. Also started making more of these holders. Some friends had asked me to make some for them and some wanted to hang them and some wanted magnets for the back which you can see here. So now, I am leaving that option up to the buyer. This one is in my shop and hopefully will list the rest by tomorrow.

Kids are on winter recess this week so I will either get a lot done or nothing done. It is so rainy and gloomy here now that I am so ready for Easter!


Monica said...

Cute stuff!
I am a last minute girl too , no worries!
I love your little bunny box, i made a couple the other day I need to take a few pics and post.
Have a great week :)

Dona said...

Now I'm in the mood for Easter. I love the colors, not my taste either, but they scream spring.The bunny box is cute too.


Linda said...

Don't you just hate it when you are on a roll and then run out of something that you need to finish the project so you have to stop and go to the shops. I hate that cause I am normally covered in paint, glue and glitter so I have to get all cleaned up first and hopefully they still have the item in stock arrr.
Love the bunny box
Cheers Linda

cindy said...

your note holders are adorable!