Friday, January 4, 2008

My "stuff" holder

I made this little holder for my bills, invites, etc a while back. Right now I have it on my bulletin board which is empty but only because I've been post Christmas cleaning and organizing. I've had it hanging in a few different places though and it always looks cute. Here it is empty... So last night I felt like I just needed to make something and thought I would make some more and list them on Etsy. This is the one I made and today was debating on what ribbon to use when it dawned on me...why not use magnets and put it on the fridge.
I just don't know what it should be called...a bill or note holder I guess? Well, I'll try to think while I try and make some more before everyone gets home from school and work. I think we're going out to dinner tonight...yae!


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Those note holders are SO SWEET! And the wallpaper you have used is very very pretty!

Joy said...

Oh, I love these! Too darn cute :) I have a new file folder that I bought and I did the same thing - I added vintage wallpaper to make it look older. Love the wallpaper you used :)