Monday, November 5, 2007

My Beautiful New Banner!

I can't thank Heather enough! I think that if she could have reached through my monitor and strangled me she just might have and I would not have blamed her! I started off in one direction and ended going in another. But anyone who is thinking about using Heather should know that she has a ton of patience and talent! I truly love how it came out! Thanks again Heather!!!!

I've been so anxious to get going with this blog but life has been nuts lately... I have three boys and thank god all of their fall sports ended this weekend. For now, just my oldest is playing basketball. My sister-in-law lost her dear father last week to a long battle with MS. I wasn't able to make it to any of the services because they would have rather of had me with their two boys and adorable new baby girl so it was a house full of kiddies (which I love)! Also decided to do some shopping last week at the mall. Was very successful with getting a lot of clothes that my boys needed. On the way home I decided to stop at another gap and when I got back in my truck, discovered that it had been broken into and the few hundred dollars worth of clothes were stolen along with my phone, earpiece and ipod. The good news is that when I got home I found the ipod under the seat. They must have dropped it, thank god, because I just got it.

Halloween was a blast! There is house around the corner that is pretty run down but is so appropriate for Halloween because the owner, every year, dresses up like a witch (green makeup and all). She stands on the roof and throws down candy and silly string. It's such a big deal to my kids (and me) that they look so forward to every year.

But now it's a new week, hopefully things are calming down a bit, and I can concentrate on this a little more.

Now lets get to business. What I have really been wanting to do is give a sneak peak at what I love to do. These are some of my goodies that I'm thinking about selling. I've bought but never sold on Etsy yet but now I'm thinking about it. I use to sell alot on Ebay but for some reason it's not as fun anymore.

So, I would love any ideas, opinions or advice that anyone may have! In the meantime, thanks for looking and have a great day!


Dona said...

Oh, It sounds like you had an awful but wonderful time, Does that make sense???? aNYWAY GLAD i FOUND YOU. yOU know in life only the stupid things tick us off, Must remember you and the children are safe. That is all that matters. Hope the rest of your month is peaceful!

A Thing for Roses said...

Just found your blog. Looking forward to reading your past posts. Come by for a visit on my blog anytime! I too have been thinking about selling on etsy. Love your cute tags.

Lisa said...

I just got a blog makeover too and felt so bad for Sara who was doing it! I asked her if she hated me yet, but she was so sweet and helpful.

yours is pretty, I like Heather's work.

I'm glad you're coming to the party!