Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some More Christmas Goodies

I just listed some of these goodies in my shop . I've either made or used these things in the past and wanted to see if anyone else would enjoy them as much as I have.
The wired boxwood I love using to tie up my Christmas gifts! Looks great with sheet music or craft paper. As does the tinsel garland! What I love about this tinsel is that it is already tarnishing!

I got these great vintage milk caps from Joy and used them to make spools! I only have them selling right now in one yard pieces but if you are interested in purchasing more than one yard of either the boxwood or tinsel, let me know...I have lots!
I've also listed some tags and sweet little candy canes that look great tied onto a package!

That's about it! I'm back to doing some much needed house organizing. I spent about $200 on storage bins and containers at Target yesterday. Every year before Christmas I go nuts having to have everything organized before I decorate so it's time to get back to work!


Scrappy Jessi said...

so cute! I love the candy canes! awesome!
jessi nagy

Joy said...

I love all of thoe photos - and the tinsel idea is great!

cindy said...

wonderful, wonderful cuteness. Dang, I saw some of that boxwood stuff today and passed it up. You have made it all so cute, love it.