Friday, November 30, 2007

Little Birdies

I am on a bird kick right now. Why? I don't know because I was never really a bird person. My mother always decorated with white doves at Christmas...on roping, on the branches of the tree and even on the top of our tree. When we were kids we could never undertand why the heck there was a big white bird on top of our tree? Now I look back and realize what a great idea it was. My mother was a great decorator especially at Christmas. I have some of her old doves now but just like to put a few percherd here and there. So maybe that's why I'm liking the birds right now.

I just listed these two in my shop and had such fun making them that I wasn't going to let them go but I can always make more right!?

Has anyone ever seen these candy bars? I always get them at Marshalls. I don't know if Marhalls is everywere or if it's just an east coast thing. But they always have them for every holiday with these vintage images and I think they're great.

I think I am going to make an attempt at an advent calander tonight. I might just make 25 tags and just attach it to something. Nothing like the last minute huh?

I am also thinking about having a giveaway. Who doesn't love a give away? I have a lot of "things" left over or that I'm not using. I will see what I can gather over the weekend. So stay tuned...

Tomorrow I am planning on doing something that is the one thing I do not enjoy doing for Christmas! Taking my kids picture for our Christmas cards. Bless their little hearts because they put up with me making them do it over and over, changing poses, etc. Wish me luck!


Jenny Holiday said...

hi Jennifer!
Just found your sweet shop/blog through etsy a few minutes ago! We are in Jersey! Nice to meet a fellow east coast girl in blogland! :)

I'll be sure to visit often!! :)Love your stuff!

Best Wishes! Happy Holidays!
xoxo Jenny

Pearl Maple said...

Found your blog through the Bella group, from all the darling little things you have been posting we are sure to be seeing some specical pretties from your Bella adventure soon.

Those Marshall's chocolates are a wonderful treasure to be sharing at Christmas.

Dona said...

Love the chocolate bars, great gift decorations on the packages. My mom to had the doves. But they flew away years ago.

Dona said...

I love those candy bars at Marshalls, they had some lovely rose covered ones this summer.

Thanks for the nice compliment on my son, I'll be sure to tell him. He is shy and doesn't think he is cute at all! silly boy!

cindy said...

Love your little vintage bird on his nest...cute. Candy bars are cute. Ours only had the one Santa design, not all those cute other ones. Best of luck on your photo's.


Jeanne said...

Your birdies are the sweetest! And I have seen those candy bars at TJ Maxx/Homegoods. I think they are owned by the same company as Marshalls.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Jennifer! Have you seen Lisa's advent calender at A Thing For Roses blog? I have her on my links. It is adorable and she used an old wire door...check it out!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and glad that I had something to jar your memory! smile.

Loving your bird ornaments!!! How cute are they!

Take care and adding you to my list of friends.