Thursday, January 31, 2008

"little boxes"

Just thought I would share a few photos of my newest addiction! Whenever I make something that I enjoy, I have a tendancy to go overboard and just make a whole bunch. Which is the case with these little boxes. I will probably make a few more untill I get sick of making them, but right now I'm having a blast!
This birdie one is my fave!
"Key to my heart"?

Thanks for looking! Now I am off to wrestling practice. (Not for me, for the boys!). Just wanted to make that clear!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

sweat heart swap

I received my box this weekend from the sweat heart box swap I was in. My partner was Jerri from Jerri's Junque. I can't even begin to tell you what she managed to get in this box! It was overflowing with goodness! I didn't even realize until the next day that there was even more underneath the little candy sections. She went totally overboard and what fun it was to go through it all! Thanks Jerri!!!!!!!

Now I need to get started on my Easter swap. I had a few different ideas but wasn't quite sure which idea I wanted to use. I was in Michael's yesterday not thinking about the Easter Swap when...tada...came across a little "somebunny" and one of the ideas I had came together! I love it and can't wait to get started! Still need one more "something" then I will be set. I especially have to get a jump on it because we just booked a flight to Florida to see my in-laws and go to Disney. I am a little bummed because it's the week before Easter which is when we should be opening up each one of our swaps. Oh well, at least I will have something to look forward to when we get back!

By the way, my nieces Baptism was wonderful! She was a perfect little doll!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby love and memories...

My nieces Christening is on Sunday and my husband and I are her godparents! She is the first girl in the family and I can't get enough of her! I guess because I just assumed I would have a girl one day, I saved alot of my baby things. I haven't taken them out in years but recently did and offered them to my sister-in-law. Not for wearing but for decorating. I love the idea of a vintage pegboard or rack with vintage baby clothes hanging off of it. When each one of my boys were babies, I hung an old peg rack over their crib with an old baseball hat, denim jacket or overalls, etc and I think it is just charming! Here are a few of my things! I love the detail...just too sweet! The little hooded sweater is hand who? I have no idea. But I would actually wear something like that today!
This is my Christening gown. My Aunt/Godmother made it for me! I absolutely cherish this dress! Even when I was little I would stare at it and was amazed that she had really made it for me and what a beautiful job she did!
As a gift for my niece, I wanted to give her a cross and always loved the idea of a pearl cross. I also wanted to give her something of my mothers. My mother was a ring lover...had tons of rings and was known for it. I knew she had some pearl rings so how could I not make the cross from one of my mothers rings!?
My husband picked it up from the jewelers the other night. (I was a little nervous because the jeweler didn't have one that I could actually point out to so I was winging it a bit). It came out just as I had hoped! It is hard to see the scale but it is so tiny and dainty and I think they will love it! Now she will always have something of my mothers!

Also wanted to share what I bought yesterday at a vintage clothing store near my house. She has tons of hats with lots of millinery on them but she is a bit pricey. But look...the flowers are velvet and there are tons of them! Yummy!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Can't stop.....

I have been on a Valentine crafting frenzy...I can't stop! Then I can't decide...should I keep it, give it as a gift, sell it, have a giveaway?????? I just don't know?

I love nut cups! I was so inspired by the cover of Country Living this month and just loved the idea of the mercury glass beads that I had to try it....and I love the way they came out! I already have some vintage beads that I've used before but when I was taking the decorations off my Christmas tree this year, one of the strings of beads that I love so much got caught on something and the beads went everywhere! I was crushed! Right away my husband said in a panic "don't worry, I'll restring them for you!" Then I thought, the heck with it, I'll find something to make with them. Then came Country Living...

The nut cups I listed here because I know I can make many more...and more...
Also had some little boxes that I started covering with some scraps. They are so tiny and cute! For now I think I may use them as storage for some of my little buttons, beads, etc.

Now I have to get to real shop, bank, exciting! I do have the parent project of the month this afternoon at my sons class. At least that will be fun!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Pets

I read about this on Jennifer's blog at The Old Painted Cottage. She is a huge animal lover as am I. I love this site and am so glad she posted it. My husband and I are both animal lovers and because we are, so are our boys. I think it is so important to teach our children (even if you are not very fond of animals) to at least have respect for them. I've taken my kids to our local shelter, where we have taken old blankets and food. They are nice enough there to let them hold and pet the cats and I really think it teaches them to care and be kind!

We have two cats and some people are just under the impression that they are dirty animals. I think that is ignorant! Cats wash themselves constantly, teach themselves to use the litter box and yes, it's up to me to clean up any cat hair that may be around but if you vacuum daily that isn't a problem. There is nothing more rewarding then having your kitty come to you, purring and curling up on your lap for a snooze. It's unconditional love!
This is Bailey...He is 8 years old and was a gift to me from my husband after I had to put my cat Daisy to sleep after having her for 14 years! Shortly after my first son Anthony was born we realized how loving and protecting he really was. He would sit next to wherever the baby was but new his boundaries! Every single night, after the kids go to bed, my husband and I get cozy on the couch (oh, how I look forward to that) for "our time" a movie, have some coffee, whatever it is. Bailey knows it's his time with us as well and squeezes in between the two of us. We love it!

Here is Miss Penelope. A little stuck up I admit, but Siamese cats usually are. Her favorite spot in the house is on top of the TV cabinet on top of the cable box, which I think she like for the warmth. Siamese cats also like being high up. She is very timid and if she is in the mood to be affectionate, it is on her terms. She does have a thing for my son though. For some reason she trusts him the most and will let him do anything with her.

Isn't she pretty!?Did I mention the lizards? Like I said, my kids love animals. My youngest is just infatuated with them...dinosaurs too! Last year for his 4th birthday we gave him a baby lizard..."Splinter". He grew very fast! He seamed a little lonely so shortly after we got him a girlfriend..."Lizzy". It was love at first sight...really! They lay together to stay warm but it is kind of cute! And here is Bailey trying to hang with the lizards. He doesn't try to get at them, just wants to be around them. Even found him in the tank a couple of times when the cover was off for cleaning.
Okay, for those of you who don't want to hear about the animals anymore, I've been listing some Valentine's Day things in my shop. I have a ton of old wallpaper with red in it and I have a pretty big German ledger book from the 30's. It has less than an inch of some water damage at the bottom but the colors are great!

Alright, back to working on a swap that I think I am starting to run out of time on!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One swap down...One printer down...

I finally got to work and finish my recipe and tag for Karla and Beth's swap today. I didn't make up the copies of them yet so I still might embelish it a bit. My printer broke so I had to go to a Kinkos which isn't too close. But I did manage to get a few other things done that I wanted to do while I was there. You don't realize how much you use your printer untill you don't have one!
I chose a white chocolate bark recipe that I make every year and give as gifts. I love Valentines Day and make a whole bunch of goodies that I give away. This is so simple to make and looks so pretty once it's wrapped up!
I love my tag so much that I think I will make a bunch more to tie on to the bark packages when I make them.

Now it's on to the next swap...

...Maria at The Junkk Drawer. I can't wait to get started on this one!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

"note holders"

I just listed these in my shop and I've decided to call them note holders for now. Does that sound right? Anyway, I am having so much fun making these and wish I had thought about making some as Christmas gifts...maybe next year! The wallpaper I used on these two is ancient. I've had it for years and am so afraid to use it...1. because it's so fragile and is falling apart. 2. I love it so much, I'm afraid of using it all up! So for now I am using it sparingly! Tomorrow I am going out early for brunch with my sister-in-law. After we are going to a cute nearby town to find my niece/goddaughter a christening gown. Hopefully we can squeeze in some shopping. I can't wait to see what's coming out for Valentine's Day. Today I worked on something special for her with my jeweler. I won't have it for a couple of weeks but will definitely share when I pick it up!

Friday, January 4, 2008

My "stuff" holder

I made this little holder for my bills, invites, etc a while back. Right now I have it on my bulletin board which is empty but only because I've been post Christmas cleaning and organizing. I've had it hanging in a few different places though and it always looks cute. Here it is empty... So last night I felt like I just needed to make something and thought I would make some more and list them on Etsy. This is the one I made and today was debating on what ribbon to use when it dawned on me...why not use magnets and put it on the fridge.
I just don't know what it should be called...a bill or note holder I guess? Well, I'll try to think while I try and make some more before everyone gets home from school and work. I think we're going out to dinner tonight...yae!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I can't believe it's all over! I also can't believe how long it's been since I've been on my computer! Since the kids were home for their Christmas break I couldn't get near the it!

But anyway, I hope everyone had a great holiday...sounds like it from all of the other blogs I've been reading. Ours was fun and now it all seems like a blur. My husband took some time off also so it was nice to have him home as well. What I loved was not having to rushing school in the morning or to any after school activities or sports. It was great but now it's back to reality and I have to stop being lazy!

I don't have many pictures to share because my camera just wouldn't cooperate with me. All of my holiday photos are either blurry, under or over exsposed as you can see by this picture I took of a card I made for my niece...Trust me, it really came out cute!

I'm really excited about getting back into the swing of things! I joined a few swaps that I can't wait to get working on. Also can't wait for Valentine's Day! L-O-V-E making goodies for Valentines Day!