Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This is a portrait of my mother from 1959. She was only 14. As much as I love Mother's Day because I am now a mother and have waited my entire life to receive handmade cards, frog magnets, bath salts, colored flower pot and a brick made into a butterfly...(yes, those were my gifts this year)I hate it because I miss my mother terribly! She was taken from us very suddenly and unexpectedly 7 years ago. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and sometimes it seems almost like she was never here. But not a day goes by that I don't think about her. I owe everything I am to her. Her life was us and it showed ever day. There is so much I want to share on this post about my beautiful mother but then it will never end. For now I will share these letters that she saved. I didn't find them or even knew that she had saved them until we were going through some of her things. But boy, do I remember writing them! She always kept a pad. She used them to keep reminders for herself, shopping lists, and thoughts. When I was 10 years old I a wrote to her in the middle of the pad. A few days later I checked the pad and noticed she wrote me a note back. For weeks this went on and neither one of us ever spoke about it. One letter she thanks me for helping with the dishes, another telling me she hopes that "today brings you all the happiness you want while at school". I wrote one thanking her for leaving me a smurf! But in every letter not only did she respond to what I wrote, she left me with some advice. Here is one that I will never forget. "...and remember, always act like a lady, but never stop being a little girl." I think it's beautiful!As hard as it was and sometimes still is to get over loosing my best friend, I realized what a wonderful gift I had been given. One day it hit me...I have all of these wonderful memories and so much advice that my mother worked so hard at. How can I not pass all of this on to my own children? Everyday I live my life as a dedication to my mother. Whether it's a recipe of hers or a game that she played with me that I now play with my boys. I do it as if she is watching me. I want to make her proud and show her that I hope to be as wonderful as a mother as she was to me! And you know what...I know she is watching! That is another post!
Happy Mother's Day to all of my dear blog friends who believe it or not, have helped me fill some of that void in my life!


cindy said...

What a beautiful that I could have written myself. What a wonderful thing to have (those tablets and sweet notes back and forth) were and still are blessed indeed by her. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you friend.


The Feathered Nest said...

Jennifer, your post is so precious about your sweet mother. I'm very sorry for your loss ~ I'm really glad you have such wonderful treasures and memories to remember her... I hope you had a wonderful day with your sweet babies ~ xxoo, Dawn

Monica said...

So very seet Jennifer. I love the quote you shared from your mom . Always keep with you those precious memories!

Emily said...

Your mother sounds like such a great lady. So inspiring! I love that you wrote each other little notes. Makes me want to do something special like that with my own kids.
Take care!

Gardengirl said...

Your tribute to your Mother is beautiful. How blessed your life is because of her. I love that you both wrote notes back and forth and that you still have them. I am so glad that I read this very touching post today.

Scrappy Jessi said...

this was beautiful.
happy mothers day!!

Vanessa said...

Such sweet memories....Those notes are a treasure! Thank you for sharing.

janae said...

The portrait is stunning, how lucky you are tohave such a wonderful piece. The letters between you and your mother are sweet. Your post was very touching. Happy Mother's Day.

meleen dupre said...


....just beautiful!!!...i lost my mother 3 weeks before my 12th birthday....

happy mother's day...everyday!!!


leesiebella said...


That was such a beautifully written tribute to your mother, so touching! Hugs girlfriend!

I hope you had a special day remembering your mom!


Sarah said...

Happy Mothers Day Jennifer! Thanks for sharing such a sweet memory of your mother. I can only imagine what it is like for you not to have your mom in your see you be a mom. We all learn to be moms by watching our moms.....I'm sure your a wonderful mom to your sweet boys! Thanks for sharing! I LOVE her sweet little notes for you....neither of you ever mentioning a word about it! Too funny....we keep have some of the same things....I have a charcoal drawing of my grandmother that was taken probably when she was late teens/early 20.
Vintage Lily

heidi said...

hi jennifer ~ you are blessed to have had such a treasured relationship with your mom. xo heidi

Jann said...

Your beautiful post about your mom just tugged at my heart . . . how wonderful that she left you with such priceless memories and advice that you can pass on to your own children. I have no doubt that she's right there with you, watching over you and your family. Warmly, Jann