Friday, May 2, 2008

still here...

Well, I am still here (for the most part). I am having a strange cute 95 year-old Italian Grandpa is in the hospital. They think it may be kidney failure or could be his heart. He is so strong so I am not jumping to conclusions. Up until this week he lives alone, cooks for himself and is in overall great shape. It happened on the day I had taken my dad home from some minor back surgery. Shortly after I got a call from his cell and knew something was wrong since he should have been home sleeping. At the same time my Uncle (dad's brother) is in another hospital with some intestinal problems. What is going on?
But on to other (more uplifting) things. I wanted to share some pictures that were in my camera from last week. We took the kids to a park near the city for a picnic. This was our view...
We also went to a cheesy carnival Friday night and have to say...had a blast! What fun! Chicken pitas and fried oreos....YUM!!!!
Also brought home three new pets. Junior, Rocky and Snowball. I am sorry to say that Junior has already made his way down the toilet bowl.
Had a lot of fun making these ATC's for the current swap or chain that is going around. I really love them. I took out my sewing machine a few weeks ago but haven't used it for anything special. Now I am on a sewing on paper kick. As you can see.

I will be listing some more in my shop when I get a breather. Also working on something else fun for the shop. Hopefully I will catch up by this weekend and get everything listed.
Sorry if this post is seems like it's all over the place but that's kind of how I am feeling at the moment.


Sarah said...

So sorry to hear about you "dads"! Hope all goes well! Love the ATC cards you made. I have a few more to make and then there in the mail this weekend! Have a great weekend!
Vintage Lily

Nancy Hood said...

I've missed your posts and saddened that your week has been filled with such challenges. Take heart, by sharing you've garnered some powerful prayer warriors :) You will be in my prayers until you update us that all is well~

cindy said...

LOVE the atc cards. Great it when you are all over the place...hope your "dads" get better too.


Jenny Doh said...

Would love to talk with you about these ATCs if you could send me an email at
Jenny Doh